Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Former Mountie charged with murder released on bail

A former B.C. Mountie charged with the second degree murder of his common law wife is now out on bail. His lawyer claims
“This person spent all of his life obeying the law, and half of it enforcing the law,” said Skogstad. “If he can’t get bail, who can?” Someone who hasn't been charged with murder perhaps?


  1. as usual police get extra rights(even former police), two tier justice does not send a very good message, did he sexually assault her as well? is that how he got bail? because i thought only skinners got bail, we have a sick broken system

  2. Here's a new VPD blog by one Officer: *Eastside Stories, Diary Of A Beat Cop.*

    It's got good pictures & I gave ya a shout-out in comments...

  3. different rules for cops huh?
    toss the dirt bag into gen pop!

  4. Thanks. I saw that blog in the paper and did a post about it but haven’t been following it. I’ll have to link to it and keep a closer eye on it. Cheers.


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