Saturday, October 8, 2011

Meth lab chemicals dumped near school

Someone decided to dump potentially hazardous waste from a clandestine meth lab in a vacant lot near a Langley elementary school last week. Police discovered five 45-gallon drums and another 40 20-litre pails containing more liquid after they spotted a vehicle parked on the property in the 7800 block of 208 Street on Friday, just down the street from Willoughby Elementary School.

The vehicle managed to flee the scene. The Clandestine Lab Response Team determined the liquid was waste from a methamphetamine production lab. Meth labs are way worse than grow ops. Will someone please explain that to Stephen Harper.


  1. "Five 45-gallon drums and another 40 20-litre pails containing more liquid."

    WOW. That equals a LOT of meth....

  2. Exactly. That large of a supplier had to be with the group who controls the industry in the area. Speaking of meth, there was a huge meth lab in Kelowna bust tied to the Hells Angels a while ago:


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