Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oppal's tab keeps growing and growing

Michael Smyth made a good point. He said the least-surprising development at the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry so far is that it will last much longer, and cost much more, than previously anticipated.

Everyone knew this inquiry was ripe to transform into the political circus it's become, and Wally Opal is not known for his efficient work habits — especially when he's bagging $1,500 a day plus expenses. Now hang on to your wallets. On the very first day of the inquiry, Opal's chief counsel confirmed what everybody had been expecting — the budget and deadline are likely to be blown out of the water.

Wally Opal is financially benefiting from this circus side show. I can't stomach reading all the bs drama about the inquiry venting on the police. What a side show. What a waste of money. The real issue is who else was involved, who killed all the other missing women and which drug dealers are pushing Native Women out of hotel windows in the Downtown East end over drug debts. The real questions aren't being asked.


  1. The widespread use of native blessing ceremonies, dressing Mr. Opal in ceremonial Native robes, goes quite far, to every type of event. A new building opened at Capilano *University* and it was a big Native ceremony. This has become an all-purpose Politically-Correct foolish-ness. One that would never be permitted by these eager left-wing types, if the religion was Christianity being used...

  2. I personally don’t have a problem with it. I see it as a step toward allowing greater religious tolerance for other religions. The whole concept of banning all religion for any reason concerns me but I do see what you mean. It does seem hypocritical for Wally Oppal to get dressed up and exploit the very people he is over paid to represent.


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