Friday, October 28, 2011

Vancouver police rescue kidnap victim in crime linked to gang in eastern Canada

Seven people are facing charges after police in Vancouver rescued a kidnap victim in a crime linked to a gang in eastern Canada.

The 29-year-old victim was abducted in the city's downtown on Oct. 20 and police were quickly able to trace the crime to a suburban Richmond business, which was put under surveillance, Desmarais told reporters. While police were working on a recovery operation, another team was watching as a blindfolded man was taken from the business and put in a vehicle.

Officers followed the car and watched as it pulled over and the kidnap victim was pushed from the vehicle. Police rescued the kidnap victim from the roadway. Other officers arrested five suspects in two vehicles, and police said two other suspects turned themselves in later.

"The kidnapping was financially motivated," Desmarais said. "Some of the individuals we arrested have documented links to the Red Scorpions and Independent Soldiers." Who in turn are both connected to the Hells Angels.

Those arrested are: 28-year old Nazfar Mirhadi of North Vancouver, 42-year old Demple Brar from Richmond, 28-year old Robert Carr of Abbotsford and 24-year old Edmond Gammel from Surrey. Three people from Kamloops are also in custody. They are 30-year old Thomas Crawford, 28-year old David Tarrant and 20-year old Veronica Moncur.

Thomas Crawford? He used to be with the IS but someone claims he got kicked out and was arrested for kidnapping in Vancouver on October 24 2011 but there has been a publication ban on that case already. That's bizarre. Usually only the Hells Angels get publication bans that fast.

What I want to know is which drug dealer did they kidnap and why did the police devote 41 investigators to the operation, which Desmarais described as "the largest deployment of our kidnapping protocol in recent years."


  1. It sounds like the police knew about it from early on, but sat around watching it from a distance and merely waited until the perps released the victim! Not exactly a pro-active approach. A follow-up on the suspects' sentencing from this blog would be appreciated, thanks.

  2. A follow up on this case would be wise indeed. I’d really like to know who they kidnapped.

  3. Sulaman safi works for the dea and rcmp got paid real good taking out these guys it's humourous everyone one in this group is part of a different group from Rs ,un, duhre, ha, is, the real estate agent and other chick rated out to get aquited quite the fall guys those boys turned out to be I think 3 out of 5 guys are out and the 3 are finished there parole the other two will be out very soon and I'm sure none of them got paid from the real estate agent and will be. Attempting to collect withbin the coming months


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