Thursday, October 6, 2011

Robert Shannon in Prison

Speaking of the Hells Angels selling drugs, here's a comparison photo of Rob Shannon when he was living it large with Weird Hal and when he was in prison back in 2009. Looks like he stopped bleaching his hair in prison. He's given up that geeky bleach blond frosty look. He looks a little more human with a touch of grey.

Let's not forget his boat that his Dad rode around on. Can't tell me his Dad didn't know where the money was coming from. I heard T-Pain bought his boat. Not sure who got the truck.

I'm going to talk a bit about greed. I mean look at that boat and what's worse look at that truck. Sure they're expensive. Probably cost as much as a house. But it really looks dumb. It's extreme. Oh look at me. I'm looking at an idiot alright.

I'll admit a geeky bleach blond was the perfect cover for a cross border drug ring. Yet look at all the misery all that crack caused. He was trading BC bud for cocaine to be brought back to Canada to be sold as crack for the Hells Angels. So when the Hells Angels puppets in Prince George called the Crew were cutting off fingers for crack debts, that's what paid for Robbie's dumb truck and boat.

The problem is the greed. No one would care if the Hells Angels owned a few grow ops. It's when they use violence to take over all the grow ops we see them become consumed in their greed.

No one would care if the Hells Angels sold pot at the Bulldog Cafe or out of the Black Door next to it. It's when they say no one else is allowed to sell pot and used brutal violence to take over that market we see them become consumed in their greed.

No one would care if the Hells Angels sold BC bud. It's when they trade all that BC bud for cocaine in the states and bring it back to be sold here as crack that we see them become consumed in their greed. Why can't they just sell BC bud. Don't tell me the buyers don't have the money to pay for it. They sell it to customers who buy it. Everyone makes more money by selling crack. Making money isn't good enough they want to make more and more money until their greed consumes them. It's all about greed and as they say in Rome, Pride cometh before the fall.

Then there's the prison mentality. Everyone is so obsessed with looking tough and being bad. It's like these guys never grew out of high school. Who are you trying to impress? Shaving your head and getting tattoos instead of hair. That doesn't look hard core it looks dumb. How are you going to get a real job? Oh you don't need a real job because you're gonna sell crack. Until they find someone who will do the same job for cheaper and they pull a Juel Stanton, a Geoff Meisner or Matthew Rheaumeand and put a cap in your ass. They will use a couple of big guys then stick a knife in their back when they're finished with them. It has nothing to do with brotherhood and everything to do with greed.


  1. Until you've been incarcerated you really have no right to pass judgment. The attire and tattoos, hard looks are all amour one needs to survive on a day to day.
    Sure Rob made some poor life choices, all of which he's paying for 10 fold, but at least he didn't take the cowards way out.
    The cowards way is when someone puts his life and their loved ones life in jeopardy by pointing their fingers at others in turn for early release.
    I know Rob personally, and aside from his mistakes deep down he's a good person. I wish Rob a safe journey home and hopefully he receives the love and support from his family he's always shown them

  2. Holy fuck bro you dont even wait to hear the facts before you will vindicate someone! Let me tell you about this amazing man. Hands down the most generous human being Ive even had the pleasure to sit with> For moving a plant extract across an imaginary line gets you tossed in a concrete box for 27 years ! wtf

    1. Indeed. I hear Jody York is a lost cause but Rob Shannon isn't a bad guy. My beef is taking all that BC Bud into the US and bringing back truck loads of cocaine to be sold here as crack. Nobody cares about pot but crack is lethal. Fentanyl is even worse.

  3. I know rob personally and found him to be a man with a big heart. Did he make mistakes yes, however he paid for his mistakes 10 fold.
    I wish him all the luck building a new well deserved 2nd chance at life

    1. Actually I agree with you. He was likely one of the best in the bunch and he didn't rat anyone out he did his time. That means there are two reasons to respect him.

  4. i here hes out of jail in a halfway in abby

    1. Perhaps. He has nothing to fear locally. He was a good guy, kept his mouth shut and did his time. He is free to go. Hopefully he will do better than Jody York.


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