Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cocaine in Vernon

Speaking of cocaine in Vernon, more details from the Vernon Greeks trial made the news again today. The witness said that when he arrived at a Vernon building, he found Marnuik covered in blood. "A Vernon building" that wouldn't be the warehouse owned by Hells Angels associate Zenon Stepkowski would it?

No doubt the new cocaine bust in Vernon wasn't related to Zenon and the Vernon Greeks. However there is no doubt the original suppliers of the Vernon Greeks have simply found another mule. Case in point, the Robert Shannon conviction being replaced with the Jones Brothers implication.

On a completely unrelated matter, I understand that Joey Armand Mazzei is quite involved in the community so to speak. He is suing the organizers of the Big Iron Shootout because he was injured in an avalanche shooting up the mountain on a snowmobile which clearly is high risk of causing an avalanche. This Joey Mazzei seems to be a person of interest now. It might be worth keeping an eye on him.

Salmon Arm sure keeps resurfacing in the news. One blog reader just pointed out that Zenon Stepkowski is listed as the owner/manager of the Apple Grove Motel in Salmon Arm. People who know him describe his as lazy not having a real job. They wonder how he could afford to but a motel. Interesting question. Maybe he's in charge of Salmon Arm now and they put someone else in charge of Vernon.

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  1. Because his parents owned the motel you morons do some real investigating.


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