Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rob Ford drops the F Bomb... Again

I can't believe this guy is mayor of Toronto. What an embarrassment. This is the guy who was caught talking on his cell phone while driving after Toronto came out with that no hand held devices while driving law. A mother points to his cell phone and tells him to hang up while driving. Instead he fingers the lady with her six year old daughter in the car. Classy.

He claims her version events is not accurate but he admits he lied about getting drunk and swearing at a hockey game where he had to be escorted out by security guards.

Most recently he maked the headlines because he apologized for using the f word on a non emergency 911 call but he denies he called the operator bitches. This guy is abusive. He's an angry drunk. He's an angry sober. He pulled a Gordon Campbell in Florida and was pulled over for DUI. He refused to blow for the test. Then he gets caught with pot. What a winner.

I've seen video clips of this guy disrupting council meetings. He is abusive. He's a loud rude bully. There was another video clip of his chasing down and harassing a reporter who called him a fat f*ck under his breath. Rob Ford is a fat f*ck. He's an abusive fat f*ck. That Java the Hut triple chin is painful to look at.

Rob ford was arrested and charged with assaulting his wife and uttering death threats. Yet the crown withdrew the charges claiming his wife made inconsistent statements. Despite the fact that another police source claimed she had injuries. Ford admitted there was an incident but after the crown withdrew the charges Ford said, “I’m exonerated. I’m not guilty. I’m just glad this is over.”

That's pretty sick and I don't mean that in a good way. This guy has a history of abusive behaviour and of lying to cover it up. He doesn't make the top ten but he sure makes the list - of Canada's Most Unwanted.


  1. Way to go, Toronto. Keep it classy!!!

  2. Please take a look @ this Canadian whistleblower's amazing story of Chinese corruption in Canada @ high's great...

    "I was mocked, demeaned and threatened in a hostile environment while dealing with some of the world's most ruthless criminals." (Ottawa Citizen)

  3. Thanks for the link. Yeah that article is significant. I’m doing some background work on a related expose.


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