Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Election Candy

I must admit I don't have the same animosity towards Christy Clark that I do for Gordon Campbell. Yet giving away free candy before an election is kinda cheap. Christy Clark announces a new stat Holiday in BC. This is supposed to make up for all the horrible things Campbell's Liberals did over the years? Giving away someone else's money. Small and large businesses are going to have to pay for the Holiday.

It reminds me of how Gordon Campbell gave away that BC Hydro rebate right before an election and then shafted us again after he was elected. Buyer Beware. Don't take candy from strangers.

They should take away Gordon Campbell’s ridiculous award and offensive High Commission job instead. Then we’d have something to celebrate Failing that another holiday is a bit pointless. The holiday should commemorate the day he finally resigned.

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  1. "Giving away someone else's money."

    Well, that's what politicians do, really. Sure, some of it gets spent on health care, roads, etc. but at the end of the day, this is what "re-distributionists" are all about. They get their cut. They don't actually do any work or produce anything, they get themselves elected by promising to give people something that really belongs to someone else. And then they do it. The only difference in ideology between left and right is who they tend to give it to.

    Do you really think there was no connection between massive immigration under the federal Liberals and the fact they stayed in power all those years? They knew full well that people from certain demographic groups would work hard to keep them in power (and on their own personal gravy trains) if they were allowing wholesale immigration from those groups home countries. And who would those new immigrants vote for in 5 years after they had citizenship? The Conservatives? Not. Of course, the cultural fabric of Canada has been enriched rather than damaged, don't you know. What a fairy tale.

    Likewise the government of "El Gordo" Campbell in B.C., who presided over the theft of B.C. Hydro, converting it from a wholly owned resource of the people of B.C. to a private company which could then be sold off, which was his intention all the time. His pals rewarded him well for that one, and still do. A man who should have been out on his ass in disgrace receives awards.

    Theft of the country and it's culture, theft of it's resources, and theft of taxpayer money for things like people who are on welfare their whole lives. Redistribution of wealth is theft, pure but not so simple.

    The trick seems to be to elect politicians who are willing to settle for the salary they're paid. Those who use the power that the people cede to them to feather their own nests and do backroom deals to rape the public treasury need to be sewn into a canvas bag and tossed in the river. It worked for the Romans.


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