Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Aaron Derbyshire - Five years later

This Friday marked the fifth anniversary of the disappearance of Aaron Derbyshire, who has been missing since September 30, 2006. About 20 relatives joined Aaron's mother at the RCMP detachment Friday morning to ask Kelowna for help.

Derbyshire was last seen around 1:40 a.m. on Sept. 30, 2006, by friends at Level Night Club in downtown Kelowna. The friends left Derbyshire in the bar while they stepped outside to watch a fight. When they returned inside, he was gone. Too many people are missing or have been murdered.


  1. That is such a strange disappearance. Bizarre, really. Would love to know more about this case; I'll have to dig around.

    I know of a case here in the states that is similar to this one. A young man about 22 or 23 was captured coming into his place of employment by the store's cameras. He is seen walking to the back of the store to punch in right at 8:58a.m. He is seen leaving and going to the front to presumably open the doors to the public and disappears. Like totally 100% disappears. His wallet was located about 1 mile from the store but his body has never been found. I dont' understand how people can just go missing like this!!!!

  2. There is a case like this in Edmonton... his name is Dylan Koshman... missing since October 11th 2008... last seen leaving his home (he got into a fight with his room-mate) at 2:30am... the last cell phone ping was at 3:30am from the same area.

    He has just vanished.

  3. Probably one of Aaron's mistakes was working for David Giles' best bud, Willie.

  4. Aaron worked for Dobie?!? http://gangstersout.blogspot.com/2010/07/more-photos-of-davie-giles.html

  5. Yes, that's the fellow. I believe Aaron was a land surveyor or something for them when he disappeared. http://www.wiltech.biz


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