Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Vancouver

What a wonderful day for a protest. The Occupy Vancouver Wall Street Protest went off without a hitch. Very peaceful. Very well represented.

Guy Faux was even there.

Interesting concerns about the legal liabilities of Corporations.

A lot of references to the Bull of Wall Street.

Even references to castrating the Bull.

A call to abolish the Federal Reserve.

Acorn was present.

A call to Water board Wall street.

An add about George Bush's upcoming visit to Surrey.

There was even a group of people meditating.

Tents are being set up for the occupation.

A stroll down memory lane past the old Vancouver stock Exchange. How ironic. Perhaps the focal point of the entire demonstration. Vancouver no longer has a stock exchange because they couldn't control the corruption. It was full of fake pump and dump stocks.

Cars broke out signs waiting for the march to pass.

Heart warming singers.

Talented musicians.

A call for money to be spent on housing instead of war.

An inspiring graphic design artist making free souvenir T-shirts. He was just accepting donations for more shirts. He ran out pretty fast but said he'd be there all week. If you bring your own shirt I'm sure he'd silk screen it right there for you. He designed the logo himself.

It says Occupy Vancouver with an open hand and the saying "You can't shake someone's hand with a clenched fist." A lot of calls for peaceful demonstrations and it was very peaceful indeed. A great start to an important message. Oh yeah, the 911 truth movement was well repressed too. Imagine that.


  1. Good to see a big non-violent protest gathering, everything seemed just fine;

    V. Sun:

    "The smell of marijuana was notably absent and people of all ages were present."

    " Look around - this isn't a bunch of stinky hippies, this is everybody," said Laurent Munier. "Every walk of life."

    We don't have 16.5% u6 un-employment figures, but one would bet un-employment here is a lot higher than Governments will admit to...

    And the obvious in-equalities of a western Vancouver filled with $2-4 million homes, often bought for cash from overseas, and the great middle; whose income has been stagnant since 1980...and our un-seen urban poor...

  2. Good point. Now that you mention it, the smell of pot wasn’t so normally present as it is at other events. Well represented indeed.

  3. Thanks for the link. I did see some rather bizarre editorials calling the Occupy Vancouver stupid and meaningless. Somehow I don’t think expressing concerns about investment fraud is meaningless. Somehow I don’t think objecting to white collar criminals stealing our pensions is meaningless. Somehow I think pointing out that the Greek Financial crisis which calls for massive taxpayers’ bailout was the result of investment fraud tied to Goldman Sachs has merit.


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