Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Surrey Shooting ends in fatality

A masked gunman was seen running up to a black Acura in a strip mall at 100th Avenue and King George Highway about 8:20 p.m. and firing several rounds inside. The driver of the Acura, Stephen Leone, was found by police and emergency responders slumped over the steering wheel. He was taken to hospital and later pronounced dead.

Stephen Leone had a criminal record for drug trafficking. Kim Bolan is reporting he is with the Dhak gang who the Hells Angels have been shooting for selling drugs in their area. Gee I wonder who is responsible for this murder? At least now we can finally see the truth and clearly see who is ultimately responsible.

Khun-Khun shot, Billy Woo murdered and now Stephen Leone. Three Surrey shootings for the Hells Angels in five weeks. That's not even counting the one outside the Mirage. Imagine that. It would appear their direct involvement in the Vancouver gang war is nothing new after all. Eric Sandberg did tell agent 22 "they" were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey back in 2009.

The fact that the Hells angels are currently using violence to maintain their grip on the drug trade in Surrey, renewed concerns arise about then Hells angels involvement with prostitution. They kept lying about the drugs. What else have they lied about? I keep thinking about that graffiti I saw on a burned out house several years ago a few doors up from the Surrey House of Horrors right by where a Hells Agnella lived. Or at least right by where a Hells Agnella parked his truck.

We know that East Van Hells Angel Joseph Bruce Skreptak owned a house in Kelowna with a grow op in it. He claimed the grow op belonged to the tenants not to him even though his truck was parked outside with a Hells angels bumper sticker on it and Hells angels bumper stickers displayed in the grow op.

Here's the double edged sword: if the Hells angels are currently using such brazen violence to control the drug trade in Surrey, how could they not have been in charge of the drugs being sold out of the Surrey House of Horrors? It defies logic to conceive that anyone but the Hells angels were the ones supplying the Surrey House of Horrors with cocaine.

Juel Stanton was taking over grow ops for the Hells Angels at that time. John Punko and Ron Lising were convicted of selling cocaine and crystal meth in Surrey at that time. John Punko and Ron Lising were also in charge of Kerry Ryan Renaud who was a huge meth cook for the Hells Angels just like they were doing in Kelowna. The Hells angels were in control of the drug trade then just like they are now.

So if they controlled the drug trade in Surrey at that time, how could they not control the prostitution in Surrey at that time? We know once they get involved in a illicit money maker, they use violence to take it over.

Years ago the Vancouver Sun quoted Andy Richards who said: There used to be six or seven agencies that handled strippers in Vancouver, but now two are controlled by the Angels or associates and one is an independent, Richards said.

In the early 1990s, Richards said, the now-dead Hells Angels member Donald Roming was one of the key enforcers helping push others out of the stripper business -- at one point seriously assaulting one of the owners of another agency.

"Without speaking ill of the dead, he was responsible for laying a very serious beating on a 67-year-old man who was involved with one of the independent companies at the time, to the point this guy was hospitalized," he explained.

So we know the Hells Angels used violence to take over the stripper agencies in BC. We are told the Hells angels run a prostitution ring in Maple Ridge at La JJ's. We are told they also ran one under the same name in Kelowna and used violence there to control the trade.

Back in Australia a teenager told police he killed two Thai prostitutes as a "favour" for the Hells Angels. That of course brings us back to the Pickton farm.

Speaking of prostitution and the Hells angels, why is it that during the Summer in Kelowna people claim they always see guys on Harley's checking to make sure the hookers are working? You'd think they were their pimps or something.

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