Thursday, October 20, 2011

George Bush in Surrey

Well George Bush came to Surrey today. Many protesters expressed their outrage. The 9/11 truth movement was well represented. I'm glad so many came to protest but seeing civic candidates smiling beside a war criminal makes me ashamed. That is very sad.

I think Dianne Watts has done some good things for Surrey but her absurd claims about venue defending Bush by saying he hasn't been convicted in court yet is really offensive. Really. They were caught torturing prisoners without a fair trial. Congress passed a bill stopping the torture and George Bush vetoed that bill. You can't get any more legally liable than that.

Getting a photo shoot with him and rationalizing it with that smoke and mirrors nonsense really hurts. I hate to say this but she just lost my vote. Really. I guess I should have seen the writing on the wall with her close affinity for Gordon Campbell. Integrity isn't something we sell off depending on the venue.

Come to think of it, Dianne Watts and Donna Cadman both blindly endorsed Stephen Harper after he tried to bribe Chuck Cadman. That was somewhat disappointing to say the least. Then there was all those strange bus shelter adds of Dianne Watts with an Indiana Jones background encouraging people to Read right before a civic election. They even made bookmarks of it and gave them out at the Library. Perhaps she should read that book instead of just posing with it. The Dalai Lama doesn't support war criminals. His path of peace and happiness involves nonviolent opposition to injustice.

Someone is promoting her corporate image like a brand. Everywhere we go we see her face plastered all over everything. Unfortunately every time I see that picture now it makes me think of her smiling beside a war criminal. "They" even had her speak in favor of the carbon tax. Looks like Campbell's crusade has found a new poster girl. Her and Christie Clark smiling in support of George Bush gives me an upset stomach.

Speaking of Texas, let's ban Bush and bring on the Dixie Chicks. We're not ready to make nice with a war criminal.

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