Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vagos MC raided in Cali

Hundreds of law enforcement officers swept across seven Southern California counties on Thursday targeting members and leaders of the Vagos motorcycle club, some of whom are accused of crimes including rape and solicitation of murder.

The early morning raids netted at least 12 arrests, drugs and more than 300 weapons, authorities said. Twenty-five others were already arrested, and more than 40 pounds of cocaine and eight pounds of methamphetamine (that would be crystal meth) were seized along with a rocket launcher.

Authorities said some members of the gang, which was founded in the 1960s and has about 500 members worldwide, were involved in a large-scale drug distribution ring. Members would threaten, intimidate or use violence to protect their interests, they said.

I have no problem with the weapons but why the drugs? 40 pounds of cocaine and eight pounds of methamphetamine? That's just more crack and more crystal meth fucking up our community.

Most recently, a Vagos member from Northern California was arrested in connection with the Sept. 23 slaying of Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew, president of the San Jose chapter of the rival Hells Angels, during a shootout at a Nevada casino. Two Vagos members also were wounded in the melee, and a third was shot in the stomach the next morning by a gunman in a passing car.

OK we remember that one. The Hells angels objected to Vagos wearing colours because they think they rule the world and picked a fight. Then when they started losing the fight, homeboy pulls out a gun and starts shooting. Then they lose the gun fight and one of their boys ends up dead. Sounds like self defence to me. Yet banning gang colours is becoming necessary to preserve public safety. Reckless endangerment is not a charter right.

BTW that's Sean Brown on the top left sporting Vagos colours. He was the National President of the Rock Machine in Canada. Until they had a non confidence vote and kicked him out. Now they just trash talk their former brother. What ever happened to Forever RM RM Forever?

The group is from California but is now spreading to Australia and Canada. Vagos fight with the Hells Angels but in Australia they also fight with the Rock Machine. I'm not really sure who the Rock Machine gets along with in Australia. No doubt they'll be fighting Vagos as well as the Hells Angels in Canada now. Back in the day, people joined a gang for protection. Now wearing gang colours is just a target that says shoot me.

Ok so get this. The logo for Vagos is Loki, the Norse god of mischief. Vagos fight with the Hells Angels. Yet Sean Wolfe has the name Loki tattooed on his stomach. First I thought it was his stage name, Lola but someone pointed out to me it was in fact Loki, the god of mischief. So why on earth does a Hells Angel have the logo for the Hells angels enemy tattooed on his stomach? Oops. I guess he'll have to get that one covered up like he did his swallow tattoo. Unless of course they pull a Billy Moore or a Cedric Smith and kill one of their own for unknowingly sponsoring an informant.

Looks like Vagos has made the big screen or at least their logo Loki. Loki is the younger brother of Thor and makes an appearance in the new movie. But get serious in "real" life Loki is supposed to be a liar and a con man. What's with those devil horns?

And they call Christians stupid. What's worse, worshipping an omniscient and omnipotent God with the power to create and to redeem or worshiping a satanic idol who is destined to lose and only has power to destroy and steal? I never understood why on earth anyone in ancient times would worship a golden calf. I mean like how stupid is that? That's something a caveman neanderthal would do who has no idea who he is or why he's here. We are DEVO.

More freakin Nazi's. That's the SS logo again.


  1. One notes your ambivalence towards other 1%'er MC's.

    One one level it's understandable; in that it appears the only force in society determined & vicious enough to stand up to the HA is the other clubs.

    But it doesn't seem to work because the HA is too big already, and has too much of an advantage.

    The other competing MC's are only able to hang onto their own local turf, like the Warlocks in Florida.

    It's an amazing ability, if the Hells are able to provide world-wide transportation services, because of this internationalization of their Clubs.

    Only the big Italian groups like the N'drangheta can do some of this now...

  2. Ambivalence? I guess I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove it wrong. I most certainly don’t have a problem with riding a motorcycle or the freedom of association. My concern is that all of these guys say we’re just a motorcycle club but evidently they’re not. Selling crack, selling crystal meth, selling date rape drug and committing gang rape. None of that has anything to do with living the dream. These idiots are destroying it for the rest of us and are a plague on our society.

  3. i think the 'lola' interpretation should stay! it's so much better thank loki, LOL!

    anyway...loki was the god of mischief that has something to do with wolves. i think that is where sean got the idea for tattooing it on his know how deep thinkers are, always intending the bullshit that comes out of their head and mouth to be ironic.

  4. I just thought it was amusing that he unknowingly got a tattoo of a Hells Angels enemy and put it between two Hells Angels’ deadheads.

  5. Well, 1% = "same-same"....

    I found it amusing that 3 out of 4 are morbidly obese. Make that "obeast". Horns and all.

  6. Hmm..So the media says there is a rape without a victim? Months later no victim?..Lots of drugs siezed but no Vagos charged with drug related crimes?..One big bad VAGO, just got his case of "posession of body armor by a felon" tossed out of court because prosecution failed to show cause why he should be charged..Sounds like another slow media day looking for a scapegoat. Check out the Hemet California Hoax. The Cops in Hemet had to issue a public apology. Seems the Feds can raid 100 Vagos houses and come out more empty handed than if they raided any of our neighborhoods. I guess if you are a law enforcement agency looking for funding then you have to show some sort of justification for your requests..Be it fact or fiction..Sickening.

  7. I’m all for innocent until proven guilty but there was 40 pounds of cocaine and 8 pounds of crystal meth seized during those raids. My pet peeve is these guys lying and claiming they don’t sell drugs when in reality that is all they do.

    1. those drugs were seized that same week but the cops don't tell the news media that they were seized in totally unrelated busts that had nothing to do with the Vagos MC. the media report everything said by the police verbatim without any skepticism

  8. I need to re-iterate. "NO VAGOS WERE CHARGED WITH THOSE CRIMES" I dont know where the blurb about the drugs came from but, It was reported and never substantiated..Leave it to the american bored media.

  9. I find it very hard to believe that the media would report that all that cocaine and crystal meth was seized when it wasn’t. Doc told us the Mongols didn’t sell drugs and he turned out to be full of shit too.

  10. Im pretty sure all of those supposed siezed drugs are being stored in the same place as the "massive" stockpile of guns and weapons that were supposedly siezed at ruby ridge and waco..Maybe they were immediately taken by the A.T.F. and sold back to mexico?(operation faster and more furious?) I dont know why the media reports some of the things it does. All I know is they report as fact anything the american authorities tell them. In regards to the Vagos, case after case it is proven that the cops and media conspire to libel and defame. In almost identical instances, they have successfully sued the state of California and won, Twice. The third time (Hemet Hoax) all they asked for was an apology.
    So... I challenge you to post the follow up on what happened to these drugs, rape, possession of deadly weapons etc..It would go to show that this blog is not another babe sucking at the International or Associated Press teat..
    P.S. I know they have alot of other things that are bad that may or may not stick but, aside from a couple of members that were entrapped by the A.T.F. where is the evidence of the Mongols selling drugs? Im still looking for proof of that too.

  11. Here’s the deal: our beef with the Hells angels is that they are compulsive liars. They keep playing the victim claiming the police pick on them when they are just motorcycle enthusiasts. Yet time after time massive amounts of drugs are seized. Their primary business is selling drugs and running prostitution rackets. We know this because we see it all around us. Yet time and time again they keep lying and saying it is us when it is and that is really pissing us off.

    I don’t know much about Vagos other than the fact that drugs were reported to have been seized. I find that very suspect. Drugs were seized in Mongol raids. The Bandidios do the same thing. Reports were coming in that Doc was getting kids who didn’t even ride motorcycles to sell drugs for them just like the Hells angels do.

    For a while the Rock Machine posted on their web site that they don’t sell drugs. Then they kicked out their national president and a bunch of young kids took over who turned the Rock Machine into another gang. Their gang war in Quebec was a fight for the right to sell drugs and for the drug profits to be made.

    Yes the AFT has been found corrupt in Operation Fast and Furious. Likely because of the CIA who has been arms and drugs trafficking since Vietnam and throughout Iran Contra. Noriega, like Barry Seal, was a CIA asset. Oliver North was in charge of all the cocaine coming out of Nicaragua and entering the US in Mena, Arkansas. So yeah we’re a bit cynical of everyone lying to us and claiming they don’t sell drugs when they do.

  12. I 100% agree that the Canadian Hells Angels are nothing more than a drug dealing, prostitution, murder for hire enterprise. Burdened with a motorcycle and possible homosexuality problem.
    I dont know anything about the Rock Machine except that they have been charged with similar crimes. I also agree that "Doc" from the Mongols was not trying to build a Motorcycle club as much as he was trying to build a street gang. I dont know enough about the Bandidos to comment one way or another. What I know is that almost nothing written about (most) motorcycle clubs, masons, various "cults", mormons, or any other "secret society" is entirely believeable. In that mindset, I hope you will approach the Vagos accusations. All I ask, is for others to question their media sources. (thats one of the reasons why I read your blog)
    Here is my moment of disclosure.. I do have a dog in this fight. I have many loved ones that are Vagos. I know first hand that they would have no part in using, dealing or transporting drugs. The vast majority of chapters are clean and sober, made up of recovering addicts. Do some of them look scary? Are some of them antisocial? Are there a few bad apples? Of course, after all its a motorcycle club. I made a point that 100 Vagos were raided and only ten arrests were made. Of those ten arrests, only two charges for crimes were filed. That outcome could be compared to raiding any 100 houses in any one of our suburban neighborhoods. Guess what..Nobody was charged with any sort of powder drug (coke, meth) related crime. It was all made up to make headline news. In hopes that it will make Joe and Jane citizen feel justified for being a little bit scared and prejudiced when a scary looking Vago passed them at high speed on the freeway. It also serves to make them feel good about voting for the do nothing incumbent politicians that they think are protecting them from their percieved "scary people" The "Hemet Hoax" constructor, Jerry Brown's statement against the Vagos was all done just before his successful campaign for California governor. I guess it worked..
    I feel bad for all of the Canadian motorcycle enthusiasts that would like to join a motorcycle club. They cannot because the choices are so limited, and the reaction is so negative. The Hells Angels and their puppets have put such a bad taste in the Canadian mouth that I dont know if any "real" motorcycle club could ever become a reality in Canada. I am sure that we all agree that is one sad situation.

  13. I’ll try to be objective but once bitten twice shy. Bitten three times and I’ve become a cynic. I do know that Sean Brown was National President of the New and Improved Rock Machine in Canada. That was after their founder, Salvatore Cazzetta, crossed over to the Hells Angels with his pal Mom Boucher to become the Montreal president of crack hos. At that time, the RM National web site said they did not sell drugs. Like everyone else falsely claims but this time they put it in writing.

    Later we read that the other RM leaders had a non confidence vote in their National President and gave him the boot. After that, the promise of not selling drugs was taken off the web site and a young man named Stephane, who’s father had been murdered by the Hells Angels became involved. He has a violent drug related history including violence against women which he denies but the “biased” media cites.

    I will look at any links or court transcripts about the charges against Vagos being dropped and the drugs that were seized. No doubt if they were selling drugs independently, the ATF involved with operation Fast and Furious would want them shut down because they would be selling for the competition. Just like a recent heroin bust we had in Port Moody. My first question was did it come from Pakistan or Afghanistan? The US Military is helping protect farmers cultivate and harvest opium in Afghanistan and have returned Afghanistan to the largest producers of opium in the world once again after the Taliban had it shut down. No doubt the same upper RCMP management that keeps scuttling huge cocaine convictions against the Hells Angels would also be happy to give a tip to stop opium coming in from the competitors. Then again, I’m a cynic.

    As for the Hells Angels, we are in agreement that they are nothing but drug dealing pimps. I’m not sure about the homosexual problem you refer to them having. I’m not into man purses or Meryl Norman eyebrows on guys myself but that’s no reason to hate on them for their sexual orientation. Turning the Dell in Surrey into a gay bar was a marketing brainstorm. Yet selling all the gay brothers crystal meth is just plain exploitation.

  14. ""The group is from California but is now spreading to Australia and Canada. Vagos fight with the Hells Angels but in Australia they also fight with the Rock Machine. I'm not really sure who the Rock Machine gets along with in Australia.""

    Im not sure what your even talking about?? The Vagos are NOT in Australia and have NEVER had any fights over here with the Rock Machine!?? Your talking about the West Australian biker scene...the Vagos dont have any chapters there, let alone enough members to fight a rival gang. There are only 8 MC gangs in West Australia,and the Vagos are NOT one of them! Are you talking about the right country??

  15. The media claims Vagos has shown up in Australia and are fighting with the Rock Machine there. I can’t find the article off hand but will have a look tomorrow after work.

  16. Lol the 3rd on the right is my uncle. I love the shit outta that old man


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