Thursday, June 1, 2017

Missing Woman Advocate Murdered

CBC is reporting that "A Whitehorse advocate for missing and murdered Indigenous women, whose own daughter was murdered in 2007, is now herself a homicide victim, friends and family tell CBC News. RCMP say 51-year-old Wendy Margaret Carlick, is one of two women found dead in a Whitehorse home April 19. The other is Sarah Macintosh, 53, a member of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation. Police believe both women were killed." This is an outrageous tragedy.

A missing woman's advocate was murdered before she could testify at the new missing women inquiry. Is that not suspicious? What was she going to testify to? Let that be known.

Spotlight on the Whitehorse drug trade.

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  1. It is totally outrageous how people think it is O.K. to murder First Nations women. It is doubtful this case will be solved. I'm sure this woman had lots to say and given the nature of the inquiry what she said would have gone on record. this is not a trial, so the inquiry would be accepting information which some would not want to be in the public domain.


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