Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ontario couple sentenced for fentanyl trafficking

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that an Ottawa couple has been sentenced to 10 years and 8 years in prison for trafficking fentanyl. Yet in BC the Surrey RCMP and the VPD let drug dealers sell fentanyl laced drugs publically on the Whalley Strip and in the DTES without lifting a finger to stop them. Now that's organized crime.


  1. of course they will permit them to sell Fent. but you do notice where its being sold. No high property values, no upper middle class living in the area, etc.

    Then of course Ontario has a much different premier than B.C. has. Kathleen Wynne actually seems to care about the people in her province. It would be interesting to know if the Crown asked for high sentences because if they Crown doesn't ask, usually the judge doesn't impose. so once again it maybe the government of Ontario cares a tad more about the citizens.

    1. Kathleen Wynne is horrible. She had a 10% approval rating in Ontario last time I checked. Anything in Ontario that's good, had nothing to do with her.

    2. Evidently privatizing Hydro in Ontario is the same colosal concern that it is in BC:


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