Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Edmonton woman jailed while testifying against her attacker

Laura's truthfulness is reporting on a CBC news article claiming that a First Nations woman from south of Edmonton was shackled and imprisoned for five days while she tesified aginst the man who physically and sexually assaulted her.

The details of the assault are horrific. What makes matter worse is that is "One year later, on June 5, 2015, Cardinal had to face her attacker again, at his preliminary hearing. On the first day she was called to testify, she kept falling asleep. She had trouble focusing and answering questions" so they shackled and imprisoned her. God damn them. That is not justice. The family has asked the court for the publication ban to be lifted so their daughter can be named. Sadly she was killed a year later in an unrelated shooting.

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  1. Nothing about this surprises me. The "system" simply doesn't treat First Nations people as people. They treat all of them as if they were nothing. Had this victim been a white person or a person of wealth the judge would have asked that she be examined by a doctor and given treatment regarding the issues which kept making her fall asleep.

    In my opinion the official policy of the judicial/police system is we don't care about you if your Indigenous. Just hurry up and die. Some may argue with me about it, but just look at the statistics and this case.


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