Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fake terrorist attack in London right before election during Ramadan

George Lucas warned us and we still refuse to heed his warning. There is absolutely no motive for a terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert. Holding a terrorist attack right before a British election is pretty suspect but during Ramadan is simply not believable. Operation Northwoods was real. Operation Gladio did happen. The absurd staged news around this tragedy is ridiculous.

You want to talk about crazy? Let's talk about Operation Northwoods. That was crazy. You want to talk about crazy? Let's talk about Operation Gladio. That was crazy. You want to talk about crazy? Let's talk about what happened to the USS Liberty. That was crazy. President Johnston recalled the air support for the USS Liberty when it was under attack and said he wanted that vessel sunk. That was treason. These unreslved issues need to be addressed because history tends to repeat itself until we learn from it. Lest we forget the October Surprise.

Update: British Prime Minister Theresa May is using this false flag attack to rationalize doing away with civl liberty and spying on everyone without a warrant. Don't get me wrong, the attack was real. People died. I'm just saying they were behind it just like 9/11 and Air India. All of a sudden a motive for the heinous crime has finally emerged. Elizabeth May wants to use it as a rationalization for new terrorist laws and a clamp down on Internet privacy. Remember what happened last time England created new terrorist laws removing civil liberty from suspected terrorists? With one wave of the pen they then declared everyone who participated in the Occupy movement was a terrorist and took away their right a a lawyer and a fair trial.

Theresa May now wants to regulate the Internet like Communist China. Big Surprise. That is the real corporate Communist agenda. Leaving the EU is good. Removing civl liberty is not.

Theresa May vows to rip up human rights

British Election Results

The Conservatives lost 13 seats while Labour gained 32 seats. Theresa May lost her majority.


  1. May would want to remove civil liberties, but she in part is responsible for the attacks. As Home Secretary she is the one who over saw the cuts to policing in G.B. while tax cuts continued to be handed out to the wealthy. When you cut the very organizations which are supposed to prevent terrorist attacks, you are the problem as much as the terrorists.

    If the Conservatives in G.B. can eliminate civil liberties they can go about doing what they dam well please and that will not be a good thing.

    1. I think Operation Northwoods, Gladio and the USS Liberty went a little bit farther than that. Those were sins of commission not omission.


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