Thursday, June 8, 2017

Two inmates die in Saskatchewan prison on the same day

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Corrections Canada confirmed that two inmates, Christopher Andrew Van Camp, 37, and Daniel James Tokarchuk, 44, both died at Saskatchewan Penitentiary in Prince Albert on Wednesday. They have not said if the two deaths are related."

Danny Tokarchuk was accused of killing Trevor Savoie who was a drug dealer for the Hells Angels in Winnipeg. CBC is also reporting that Daniel James Tokarchuk died on Wednesday.


  1. Interesting Curtis Sliwa does not recognize the name Dennis Watson,did you use another name when u and him were cleaning up the streets oh NYC from the crack epidemic?

    1. You're so full of sh*t. Curtis wouldn't give an idiot like you the time of day. He called me stupid once for entertaining a conversation with some other troll who like you had obvious mental problems. I worked with Tut in Harlem and Fox on the Deuce:

      Curtis ran every out of town op I participated in over the phone. I worked closely with Sebastian Metz opening up new chapters and did a crackdown on crack campaign in south Seattle with him. Curtis was in constant telephone contact with us the whole time. Why does Blaze always use girls names like Daniel and Kayla?


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