Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lawlessness diminishes us

As the bizarre case of Jassi Sudhu's murder goes to trial where her mother and uncle are charged with her murder, another disturbing case comes to light. An 18 year old kid named Harvey Hans gets in a fight and punches another kid named Shavinder Brar.

So Brar gets a 23 year old named Amrit Gill and a posse of friends to wait outside Harvey Hans' house. Gill used a taser on one of Harvey's friends as they slit Harvey's throat. Cold, heartless and cheap. What's worse is that the two accused were only given five years each for manslaughter. Five years for slitting someone's throat is lawlessness. It diminishes all of us.


  1. Thank you Canada...this is so so sick on so many levels..5 yrs what joke and we send mr.emery away for 10 yrs for selling some seeds that by the way he paid tax on and contributed to government. priorities people.makes me want to gak how about you?

  2. I agree ten years for selling pot seeds and five years for slitting someone's throat is absolutely sickening.

  3. Emery got 5 years, and it was an American judge that handed it to him, not a Canadian one.

  4. True it was an American court that sentenced Emory. Yet five years for selling pot seeds compared to five years for slitting someone's through is absolutely revolting.

  5. Appalling judgement; Agent K is right to highlight its effect on the public.

  6. Oh yeah, no argument there. Just keepin' the details straight..... ;)

  7. Thanx TR for clearing up the facts ..I was just a little pissed off when I read this upsetting post and went off without checking them myself.Its still so sad that emery and other crimes get more attention and press then poor mr.hans and his family.Just Wrong.Justice Denied

  8. Outrageous abuse of an elderly citizen by RCMP; when does it stop?!:

    "On leaving his (RCMP) car, she (82 years old!) maintained he (RCMP) roughly grabbed the roadside screening unit, inserted it in her mouth and sharply ordered her to blow."

    “I could not blow at all,” she said. “I was traumatized, cold and close to tears. When I could not blow, the senior RCMP banged his fist on the squad car and shouted at me: ‘Blow, blow … Your tongue is in the tube. You are doing this on purpose. You are slurring your words. You are drunk. I can smell alcohol on you.’ I said, ‘I don’t drink.’ He barked: ‘They all say that!’”

    "She (Age 82; does not drink) was cited for failing to provide a breath sample, given a Notice of Driving Prohibition for three months, told to pay a $500 fine and informed her car would be immediately towed."

    “I was crying,” MacDonald recalled. “I was humiliated. I cleaned out my car and a tow truck took it away. By this time it was about 2:45 a.m. I was exhausted, freezing cold and still crying.”

    "Too upset to sleep, MacDonald decided if the RCMP were going to claim she smelled of booze, she wasn’t going to take it."

    “I would get a blood test,” she concluded. “I took a cab to the Cranbrook hospital where I was given a blood-alcohol test at about 3:50 a.m. The test showed there was zero-per-cent alcohol in my blood.”

    "It was a long weekend, so on the Tuesday morning she went to the RCMP detachment and complained."

    “I don’t usually drink — the last time I had anything to drink was a half glass of wine at Easter dinner in April,” MacDonald confided."

    “I was treated as guilty of driving while impaired without anyone even asking me if I had had a drink … I have had a motor vehicle licence for 63 years without any other incident. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. I was standing in the cold, lungs congested, legs hurting and dry mouth. They did not care.”

    "The oral hearing was held June 1 and her appeal was denied June 9."

    "A few days later, MacDonald suffered a mild, stress-related heart attack and was in hospital for five days." (V. Sun)

    I've been verbally abused by RCMP for no reason; they hate the public; and are out to attack us, & do us in, as many cases as they can, the above is viciously typical!

    "Staff Sargeant Stuart Seib, from the Merritt RCMP detachment, has been charged with theft after allegedly stealing some drugs from the station."

    "Police announced on Wednesday that Seib is accused of stealing cocaine that was being held for evidence at the Merritt headquarters." (Global)

  9. Current CTV news stories in BC, just astounding:

    *Mountie charged with drunk driving after hit-and-run.

    *Kelowna cop pleads innocence in 1st of 2 assaults.

    *Mountie charged with assaulting alleged drunk driver.

    *Mountie charged with theft from B.C. casino patron.

    *Kelowna cop cleared in third assault allegation.

  10. Wow. The list goes on. Forcing an 82 year old woman who hadn't been drinking to take a breath test was very strange as well.


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