Sunday, January 8, 2012

More RCMP sexual harassment allegations

Another female RCMP officer in B.C. is alleging sexual assault she suffered while on the job. Const. Karen Katz, an officer in the Protective Services Section of E-Division, has filed a lawsuit in B.C. Supreme Court describing several incidents of abuse at the hands of a male officer.

There were a few more incidents of police misconduct before the holidays. An Ottawa case of an officer being accused of excessive force and covering it up comes to mind. Everyone is in agreement there has been problems within the RCMP and the new RCMP Commissioner seems determined to help restore dignity to the force. Clearly the fallacy of being the most professional organization in the world has been exposed.

Obviously, good and evil exist. Obviously law enforcement is a good thing. A world without law would be chaos. Making the police publicly accountable is a step in the right direction.


  1. the rcmp is a gang not much better than bikers, yea i think bikers are trash but the rcmp just wear different colors, and also i dont agree with badges getting extra rights whats with that?

  2. I agree some police officers can be arrogant control freaks, yet law enforcement is in direct opposition to the slime and grime committed by the Hells Angels violent control of the drug and prostitution industry. The Hells Angels use the name and reputation of their organization to protect their drug dealers and eliminate the competition. That makes the entire organization corrupt. An evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit. The mandate of law enforcement on the other hand is to serve and protect. If individual officers break their oath and mandate, they should face discipline for so doing. Yet the organization as a whole is clearly good.

  3. There are good and bad in the RCMP just as there is in any job. Painting the RCMP as bad because of the actions of some is ridiculous. Having said that changes need to happen, RCMP that break the law instead of upholding it need to face proper discipline. And those that are a continued problem need to be fired, instead of being moved, eer so quietly, from one city to another.

  4. i would not rub elbows with either. the rcmp would hold more water if they were accountable for their actions instead of cover ups and being shuffled around like diddler priests when there are problems with conduct, suspended with pay until the sheep forget,lol what a sick joke . respect is earned not just handed out and i dont see the rcmp doing much in the big picture to earn that respect, in dispersing the fog they are painted as a cult and i have to agree


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