Monday, January 2, 2012

Free Crack Pipes are in, Sanity is out

Well this is absurd. Vancouver is now handing out free crack pipes at the tax payer's expense. This project makes this web site a complete waste of time. It makes law enforcement a complete waste of time. It is a con that shoots ourselves in the foot and poisons our brothers and sisters.

Now the hecklers can stop saying Vancouver isn't handing out free crack pipes when we reported on the news that they planed to do so. Now that plan is being implemented and it diminishes all of use. Giving an alcoholic alcohol is not in the addicts best interest.

Are we going to hand out free Dixie cups for people to drink aftershave next? Poisoning people does not help them. I am not saying let's give all crack addicts the boots. Far from it. I'm saying let's have some compassion for the crack addicts and help them get off the drug and stop letting the crack dealers sell crack in public. That is the New York Model.

Clay Rouchet had compassion on his friend James Coulter by helping him overcome his crack addiction. That is what a true friend does. A real friend doesn't give you a straw to drink Mr Clean or a spoon to eat Drano. That is not what a real friend does.

Crack is a poison. It destroys peoples' lives. When I have more time I'll post links to YouTube videos of crack addicts in Surrey and Vancouver on the nods. It looks sub human. Enabling that is WRONG. The best thing for an addict who is a chronic offender of property theft to pay for his addiction is to lock him in jail for three months without any drugs. Period. A former addict in Surrey said that himself.

That's not even mentioning the torture and abuse crack addicts face every day. Hells Angel associate Tony Terezakis video tapped himself beating the life out or crack addicts who owed him money. He couldn't stop laughing in court when the videos were played. That guy is deranged as is anyone who profits from that kind of poison. This project is wrong. Time to elect a new City Hall.


  1. I live in Prince George they have been giving out free crack pipes and needles for years now. I personally think it is sick cause it is all done from a van and well it will sit close to schools and places where there are familys and childern are living. Its one thing to have a safe injection site but a mobile drug parainfila van is brutal. We should not be helping these people this way. Now it is clear why prince george is 2 years running for most dangrous city per cappita in canada LOL. I think a change needs to happen i am not paying taxes for drug addicts to have free pipes and needles.

  2. So true, so true...I was in DTES, at the block on W. Hastings by the bottle depot, (just east of the triangular little *park*), the whole block is one long outdoor drug mart. I was looking for cheap smokes, but the west end of that block is now straight crack dealers, scary, all congregating by the dozens in the daytime! I found out the native smokes are now up on the east end of the block. As I walked thru the wrong end (now) sayin', "Smokes?", some guy menacingly says, "Don't say that here." Just drive by it one day, it's totally un-controlled, 200 meters of it! Once it was a cheap flea-market, just selling anything & cigs., now it's all gone to the dark side, horribly. You must walk on the far side now, its frightening, and I'm scared of little.

    For Christ's Sake, can't the fuckin' Cops, who drive on by there all day munchin' donuts, just get out of their damn cars for ONCE, and arrest all these goddamn dudes?? No, never, it will never happen!

    A guy there told me the gangs have made a deal on that block, that one representative can work there, alongside another gang-dealer. You just have NO idea how many of them there are, like fifty people or so! VPD given up!

  3. No doubt crack and crime go hand in hand. Handing out free crack pipes is like handing out free slim Jims to steal cars. The related violence is off the hook as well. As freddy mentioned, that's the inherit problem with handing out free crack pipes. As soon as some agency does that the police try to contain it by allowed dealers to sell crack in certain areas. This profits organized crime like the Hells Angels. It also shows how a city policy can change and violate the federal laws about illicit drug use. The silent majority need to stop caving in to the screaming extremists. Even if the City hands out free crack pipes the police can still arrest dealers for selling crack in public. That is a moral duty.

  4. Well, even a big guy like me can't walk on some of our side-walks anymore, the fifty or so crack-dealers are just too dangerous; 200 meters of 'em!

    And as you say, when honest folks see no one does anything, they aren't dumb and get that bad message too. That message is, I'm at the mercy of the crack-dealers, my fault I walked on the wrong side-walk!

    Thanks for your neat-o habit of replying to posters, Kim Bolan does that too, but Valorie Capone doesn't. It's a good blog feature; to know the blogger does read his/her mail.

  5. Aside for killing the addict, the violent crime associated with handing out free crack pipes is as you say another concern. Crack is different. We should treat it as such.


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