Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mountie charged with drug theft

Wow. Holy Pandora's box Batman. The Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province are both reporting that the Merrit RCMP Detachment commander has been accused of stealing and using cocaine from a police exhibit. Staff-Sgt. Stuart Seib, Merritt RCMP detachment commander, was arrested Tuesday and charged with theft Wednesday. Additional charges are pending.

"On Friday, Jan. 6, we became aware Staff-Sgt. Stuart Seib stole and used drug exhibits," said Sekela, adding that there were multiple thefts. Seib was made detachment commander in Clearwater in 2003 and was transferred to Merritt in November 2011. He has also worked in Alert Bay, Ashcroft and Prince George. Investigators will go back over Seib's 18-year RCMP career to deter-mine whether any other offences may have taken place.

Prince George? Like that's not a red flag. Hells Angels drug capital of BC. Prince George is also the place when a court judge named David Ramsey was convicted of sexually abusing under age native girls. Some police officers were also accused of being involved and helping to cover that heinous crime up.

Last night I just watched an old Stephen Seagal movie called Exit Wounds where a rouge cop goes into a crooked detachment and with the help of some honest officers, confronts a drug related police corruption ring. That kind of thing only happens in the movies. So we thought.


  1. LOL, following in a proud the RCMP D.A.R.E. co-ordinator on Vancouver Island who was found dead with the needle still in his arm, he also was stealing drugs out of the evidence locker...Is there no deed these guys won't stoop to?? You have to remember, with cops the iceberg theory applies, what you see is only the 10% that's above the surface, there's usually a lot more underneath that you will never hear about. With 18 years and S/Sgt. rank, one can only image what this guy has been up to over almost 2 decades.

  2. I vaguely remember hearing about that DARE coordinator on the Island. You're right about the tip of the iceberg thing. This guy was caught because he mentioned it to another officer. It's likely that he didn't tell the other officer thinking that he would get caught. It's more likely that he told the other officer to recruit some help and that he had done that before since there were multiple offenses. I do think it's good that he was caught and it's good that the police are talking about the case in the press. That's a step in the right direction I suppose.

  3. That's because I vaguely posted about it a while back, IIRC we were discussing police malfeasance and credibility in general.

    Here's a reference to it as well as some DARE info.

  4. Barry Schneider, that's the one, thanks. I was going to start Googling it because I think it's worth following up on. An anger management instructor in Hawaii killed one of his students? Wow. That sounds like a movie too.

  5. I don't know if you're aware of this scary stuff, Agent K; but it is SO weird; and it merits real attention; What the Hell Is Going On??

    "There was another disturbing arson fire Friday linked to a list of names illegally accessed by a former ICBC employee last summer."

    "This time, a West Vancouver house owned until last week by a former police chief was set on fire about 2:40 a.m."

    "The former chief, Scott Armstrong, no longer lived in the house in the 1000-block of Lawson Avenue. But he was still showing as an owner on the B.C. Assessment records, which are not updated as frequently as Land Title records."

    "RCMP confirmed that the house burned Friday was linked to the on-going investigation of attacks against people connected to the Justice Institute of B.C., where Armstrong may once have taught."

    "There have now been 14 attacks against people linked to the post-secondary instituation which trains police, sheriffs, jail guards and paramedics. No one has been injured fortunately, but it is still a very frightening situation."

    "Sgt. Peter Thiessen said police have spoken to all 65 people whose personal information was accessed by the ICBC worker, who was fired last August." (V. Sun)

    A series of co-ordinated attacks on Justice personnel? Fourteen of them? What's the ICBC link, I hear they've hired some very strange people, is this the HA, a la Mom Boucher?

  6. Yeah I was going to read up on and report on the Justice Institute arsons. Like how many times have Hells Angels supporters threatened me on here with having someone in ICBC find me and harm my family? It is of interest to find out what the motive is for the arsons.

  7. RCMP Officers have so many crimes, they are backing up;

    Mountie accused of obstruction of justice took course about impaired driving before fatal accident, Crown says.

    "A Mountie on trial for obstructing justice took a breathalyzer course three years before he was involved in a fatal accident, a judge was told Monday."

    "A witness will also be called to testify how Robinson said at a Christmas party in 2007 that the best way to beat an impaired driving charge was to leave your driver’s licence at the scene and go home or to a bar to have a few shots, saying you did so because you were so “rattled,” Pechet said."

    So he did that, after fleeing from the drunken fatality he caused, of course he's still on full pay!

    But that's just to start with...he's the same Officer who killed the Polish guy @ YVR...;

    "Robinson, 42, was the senior officer on duty when Robert Dziekanski, 40, died at Vancouver International Airport after he was repeatedly shot with a Taser stun gun on Oct. 14, 2007."

    "Thomas Braidwood, the retired judge who headed a public inquiry, found the officers’ testimony was “unbelievable,” the government appointed special prosecutor Richard Peck to do an independent review." (V. Sun)

    Isn't it great to see senior officers openly lying in Court, a real good example for the young people.

    This Officer has now MURDERED two people, and he's on goddamn Full Pay!

    1. Yeah that's another sad one. The same guy who was involved with the taser incident at the airport.


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