Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jeff Lynds

Reports are coming in that Jeff Lynds is dead. He was the one who confessed to shooting Randy Mersereau and was charged in two other murders.

Some claim the Hells Angels put a hit on his life for testifying against them so he killed himself in prison. Others claim the Hells Angels did it and it wasn’t a suicide. Either way his testimony shed light on several cold case murders in Nova Scotia tied to the Hells Angels. Now we’re left wondering about Rusty and Ellen.

BTW a big shout out to the Canadian far East. My mother was born in Amherst and my father’s mother was born in Woodstock. I think in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick they have a better understanding of what I’m trying to say about what living the dream really meant for motorcyclists and how a handful of criminals have distorted that dream completely.

Some are wondering if his death is just a transition into witness protection. Who knows. I just think we need to come clean on who killed Rusty and Ellen.

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  1. Because I don't think these guys should shoot their own people?
    That's rather bizarre.


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