Friday, January 6, 2012

Legal aid Funding spurs legal drama

Well Freddy was right. B.C.’s trial lawyers will consider withdrawing services from gang and murder trials if Victoria doesn’t boost legal-aid funding. TLABC claims the provincial government generates roughly $100 million annually through taxation on legal fees, but that tax revenue is not directed to legal aid.

“It’s not about lawyers trying to get money for themselves,” Gill said, adding governments have cut at least $50 million in funding in the last two decades. “It’s about trying to make sure that people have fair and equitable access to justice.”

The Sith Lord's government diverting taxes for legal aid? No big surprise there. Remember the Charter of rights? You have the right to retain and instruct counsel without delay. If you can't afford a lawyer one will be appointed for you by the courts. The erosion of the charter of rights continues while the rich neo cons refuse to provide breath samples so they don't self incriminate.

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