Sunday, January 1, 2012

Y2K 2012

Sunrise, sunset. Where did the time go? Sometimes life is as precarious as a Fiddler on the Roof. You may ask why do we stay up here if it's so dangerous? We stay because Vancouver is our home. How do we keep our balance? One word. Tradition.

Yesterday I snowshoed up Seymour First Pump. It was awesome. Quite the New Years tradition with many people. Lots of people were snowshoeing up to Brockton Point with headlamps at dusk. Some even brought tents to catch the sunrise on New Years day.

Well the Y2K 2012 came and went and we're still here. I remember seeing a cartoon about a guy who went back in time and asked the person who carved the Mayan calender why it stopped in 2012. He simply responded, I ran out of space on the rock. Makes sense to me.

I really enjoy hiking in the mountains. Getting a great view helps to put things in perspective. Take the gang war. Organized crime is nothing new. Good and evil have always existed since the world began and we are still free to choose between the two. Just as it should be.

Ziggy Marley once said: "Have no fear of atomic energy, cause none of them can stop the time. Some say it's just a part of it, we've got to fulfill the book" so we do. Choose you this day...


  1. Thank you for the great pictures; as one who's spent so many years in the bush, we worry that folks do not get out and appreciate it enough. It's good to see you're smart enough to do so. Those pictures are so good; and remind us all of that great world we need to get out to, as much as needs be. Good on all those who went to Mt. Seymour to see in a New Year.

  2. Thanks. Things on the mountain are so hit and miss. When I got to First Pump the fog rolled in with a cold wind and visibility was zero. I had to hike down to a lower elevation where the visibility was better. I did hike up Hollyburn Ridge in the dark with my headlamp once and caught a wonderful sunrise in the back country. That was awesome.

  3. We do need to get out and enjoy our beautiful province. The bad things coming along from greedy politicians and their governments, can turn our province into a polluted wasteland.

    Our Orca and Humpback Whales are in peril, with the dirty oil tankers from China.

    They want to log our rain forests. We desperately want to save the Spirit Bears and the unique small wolves.

    Our heritage of our wild salmon are being killed off by, filthy diseased fish farms.

    There are lakes which will have toxic mine waste dumped into them. This leaches into the eco systems.

    The run of the river dams, destroyed important salmon runs, and all the flora and fauna. The eagles and bears depend on the salmon for food. The First Nations People need the salmon to feed their families.

    To run the Enbridge pipeline over thousands of streams, rivers and lands, is an asinine atrocity.

    Fracking poisons the clean underground water for miles. Some citizens can light their tap water on fire. Does that stop the idiots? Of course not.

    In all my many years, I have never seen Canada produce a worse crop of politicians, than the brain dead ones, we ones we have to-day.

  4. Ziggy Marley??? Dude, it's "Redemption Song", by his father, BOB Marley. "Uprising" is a GREAT album. If you don't have a copy you need one.

    Congrats on more than doubling your post count in 2011 from the previous year.

  5. Yes I know Bob Marley also sang Redemption song : ) I posted a link to a version with one of his sons singing it. As far as traffic goes, we're at 2.8 million now. Almost another million hits in the twinkle of an eye...

  6. Here's a rotten, lousy story about how little we care about people;


    A 53-year-old homeless man is dead after the shipping container he was living in caught fire in North Vancouver Tuesday night.

    Firefighters discovered the victim's body after extinguishing the blaze in the container, located behind a business in the 200-block of Lloyd Avenue.

    "It appeared the victim had been living in the container for up to a year, with a bed, chair, hotplate and television found inside," RCMP Cpl. Richard De Jong said in a release.

    "This death is very tragic for the individual, who was known to police for his lifestyle on the streets of North Vancouver. He survived by panhandling, picking up bottles and scraping together what he could."

    If only I had known, I would have tried to help him get in @ BCHousing or somewhere; but no one helped, did they...?

  7. Indeed. Unfortunately there are a lot more just like him. Tragic about the fire.


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