Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Canadian Bank Bail out

If we didn’t do it, why did we? There has been a lot of talk about why Canada didn’t need to bail out it’s banks like England and the United States did. A lot of talk. As I mentioned in my Top Scams of the Old Era post, the Harper Government reiterated that lie when the Occupy movement started in Canada. They came right out and said that Canada didn’t have to bail out their banks like they did in the United States so the concerns here aren’t the same as in the US. Turns out that was a bold faced lie.

Who would think that “Our” government would directly lie to us? Isn’t perjury illegal? Can’t you go to jail for that? We can only wish. Most of us, including myself until recently, didn’t know that Canada did in fact bail out their banks when we were told there was no reason to do so. On my other post one blog reader asked for links about it, likely because they too were not aware of it. Only the links are hard to find.

A couple of “left” wing outlets reported it but no doubt the right would scoff at their credibility. Yet even the Green Party posted the dirty deed on their web site. God Bless Elizabeth May. The fact that the Harper Government went from a surplus in the millions to a deficit in the billions with one swoop of the pen is absolutely mind boggling. What’s worse is them lying about doing it. Like how can you hide that kind of expenditure? We know the Harper Government was found in contempt before the last election for hiding what their budget was going to cost.

The strange thing is that “Conservatives” TALK about balanced budgets. Yet the new conservatives or neo cons as Ron Paul refers to them, do the exact opposite. Sure they do massive cuts to social programs but they also counter that with massive spending on their friends and supporters. Pork Barrel politics at it’s worse.

Harpers’ Drunk Driver High Commissioner for England, the hated Gordon Campbell, was a prime example of that. Closing Riverveiw and Seniors’ homes putting seniors and the mentally ill on the street while giving themselves two fat raises and the same gold plated pension Campbell originally campaigned against. Saying one thing and doing another is breech of contract. Never mind recall, they should be charged criminally and put in jail.

The Canadian bank bail out is a huge concern. The banks need to be held accountable and pay it back. Closing schools hospital and cutting pensions to pay for that is wrong, wrong, wrong. Harper should be put in jail for lying about it.

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