Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Agent K on The Plane Truth

A geopolitical conspiracy show in the States called The Plane Truth asked me to do an interview with them on YouTube so here it is. Time to step up and talk about the things no one wants us to talk about in person. It was bound to happen. That little heart to heart about civil liberty that needs to be discussed. It's pretty long and if you're afraid of conspiracy theories don't listen to it. It'll make you go blind. Either that or you'll see the light of day. One of the two. They've even interviewed Catherine Austin Fitts in the past. Cathrine is very credible.


  1. I thought the interview was a good one and you did a very good job. You were clear, concise and consistent. You did not go off on tangents and you stayed on your message. Well done.

    1. Thanks. It kinda seemed like I went of on tangents but all these issues are so connected. The Gary Web story is really tied in with my blog and Operation Fast and Furious.