Sunday, November 23, 2014

Prescription Heroin in Vancouver

Freddy brings news of Vancouver's ultimate downfall. Prime Time Crime cited a Globe and Mail article reporting that "In a North American first, heroin addicts in Vancouver will soon receive prescription heroin outside of a clinical trial. Doctors at the Providence Crosstown Clinic received shipment of the drug this week for 26 former trial participants and will begin administering the drugs next week. In all, 120 severely addicted people have received authorization from Health Canada to receive the drugs; the rest are expected to get them soon."

This is an example of everything that's wrong with Vancouver. You can't get a MRI but you can get free heroin. This is a misappropriation of tax dollars and the prefect example of the corrupt courts in BC. The courts enforce the law they aren't supposed to break it. Judges are the problem. We need a judicial review. We need laws in place to fire bad judges. Smoking crack or shooting heroin at tax payers expense is not a charter right. This will bankrupt our sacred medical system faster than you can say God help us. This needs to stop.

So how does this relate to the invasion of Afghanistan? Do the math.

Last year when the Harper government found out they were spending tax dollars on heroin for addicts in East Vancouver they rightfully pulled the pug on that insane program. It was just supposed to be for a "temporary clinical trial." So the addicts on the program sue the Harper government and the court grant them an interim injunction until the trial is heard. The court said the Harper government has to keep supplying the addicts heroin until the case goes to trial. That was absurd. The courts do not have the authority to break the law. They totally overstepped their jurisdiction. There is no authority to have a trial in the first place. Granting an interim order saying the government has to break the law until the case is heard is absolutely insane.

So now the temporary trial is over and they just decide to keep giving them free heroin even though the clinical trial is over and expand it to more addicts Insite has created. The court did not authorize them to do that. They are overstepping the parameters of their experiment. The Harper government has every right and a duty to stop this lawless insanity in it's tracks. The courts have no jurisdiction here.


  1. While truly defying logic and reason, one must remember it can only go so far and on for so long.

    Remember Sodom and Gomorrah.

    1. Yeah, just waiting for the big earthquake to swallow up Vancouver. Back in the day prophets warned about those kind of things. Now it's seismologists and people still don't take heed.

  2. Very true.

    We must also remember that all people are inherently good, as well. While our fallen nature tempts us to do bad it is whether we succumb or not that is critical.

    Even if we do, there is an huge difference between falling down and getting up versus wallowing in it.

    Sadly, some take enjoyment in the wallowing and when the end of the race comes, like a thief in the night, will they still be wallowing or will they have gotten up?

    It's hard to get up sometimes when you're down. It is a lot easier when someone helps you up. However, if that someone merely tries to comfort you in your actions or gives you something to continue your actions are they really helping or are they hurting. Intentions do not count if you should know better. Everyone has the obligation to find out what they need to do in order to help - not just do what they want or "feel" is right or reinforce negative actions to help comfort their own conscience.

    To those who have been given more, more will be expected.


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