Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vancouver Hammer Attack

The Vancouver Province is reporting that a 27 year old man has been arrested after two random hammer attacks in Vancouver. One was by the Main Street Sky Train station near Science World and the other was at of course Main and Hastings.

"Vancouver police say a 67-year-old Vancouver man was walking on the seawall in the area of Quebec Street at Terminal Avenue around 10:30 p.m. Sunday when an unknown man approached him from behind and hit him in the head with a hammer, which knocked him to the ground."

"Police say the victim was struck again in the head and on the arm before a passerby came to his aid. The victim was taken to hospital for the treatment of a broken arm and cuts to the head. He has since been released from hospital. Then, half an hour later, a second man was attacked at Main and East Hastings Street. In that incident, a 49-year-old Vancouver man was also hit in the head with a hammer, knocked to the ground and rendered unconscious."

"Police believe the suspect and the victims were not known to each other before the attacks, and that the suspect’s mental illness and long-term substance abuse played a role in the assaults." At least the suspect got a free needle and crack pipe from the city before he went on the rampage. Arrest the crack dealers and you will prevent a huge amount of violent crime.

A hammer attack is reminiscent of Janice Shore's brutal murder. Her jaw and temple were caved in from focused blunt forced trauma. Sean Wolfe and Tiny Mac threatened a kid with a gun then beat him with a hammer. Greg Domey, the former Salem and East coast president of the Hells Angels is in jail for selling crack and crystal meth as well as for using extreme violence to gain control of that illicit drug trade. He posed with a ball peen hammer because that is a common tool used by drug dealing OMGs. Yurkoski's Hells Angels support shirt had two hammers on it.

Norm Cocks and Rob Thomas from the Kelowna Hells Angels along with several associates used baseball bats and hammers to beat Dain Philips to death. All because Dain chased Norm for punching his son in the head. So Norm got Rob Thomas and a posse to beat him to death because he was afraid to face him man to man.