Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Translink Referendum

The Vancouver Metro reported that Gregor Robertson claims there's no black up plan if the Transit vote fails. Just hold the f*cking door for one minute. Before we expand Skytain we need to fix it and I don't just mean fixing it every time it breaks down and creates havoc. I mean fix it by getting it to break even let alone make a profit. Translink already burns a billion dollars a year of extra taxes from a regional gas tax and the Mayors Glutton council still wants more more more.

Today the Vancouver Province ran an article stating that Translink plans on spending an additional $71 million to help fix the broken system that keeps breaking down. That's above and beyond the billion dollar a year gas tax. No private company would ever be allowed to operate that irresponsibly. Stop expanding it until you fix it.

Robertson's obsessed with a new Broadway line. Does that mean Surrey and North Vancouver will have to pay more taxes to pay for it? The other districts didn't really like Dianne Watts idea of tolling every bridge under the Sun. Especially when Lions Gate Bridge was tolled until it paid for itself. Tolling a bridge that has been paid for is illegal and bad business.

Who's going to get the contract for the Broadway line? SNCL?! Gwyn Morgan got the contract for the Evergreen line awarded to SNCL when he was acting CEO after they were charged with massive fraud in Quebec. If that is not a criminal act, I don't know what is. The World Bank has banned SNCL from World Bank projects for the next 10 years so we give them billions of tax dollars for a mismanaged Translink project and they still want more money to line their pockets.

Interesting to note that an editorial in today's Vancouver Province claims that in the recent Vancouver civic election, Vision Vancouver received twice as many council seats as the NPA did despite the fact that Vision council candidates won 32 per cent of the vote while NPA council candidates won 33 per cent. That means the referendum to stop the Translink insanity just might have a chance like the HST referendum. The sky did not fall when we rescinded the HST. The sky will not fall if we direct Translink to get it's financial house in order and stop burning a billion dollars a year in extra taxes.

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