Tuesday, July 2, 2024

US Supreme Court Guts Biden's ATF

As I said before the ATF has no business lobbying the Government to destroy the Second Amendment. As Colion Noir said here the ATF has no right making up new rules and thereby creating new laws. However, one of my concerns about the US judicial system is the term Conservative judge and Liberal judge. We have the same thing in Canada and it even more concerning here because the judges in Canada have no accountability to the public.

This also ties in with the idea of elected judges. Judges are supposed to interpret the law. Interpretation of the law isn't supposed to be a popularity contest. For example, Pilate and Jesus. If someone is innocent they are innocent. If they are guilty they are guilty. It doesn't matter if the person is well liked or not. Likewise with Liberal judges and Conservative judges. Judges aren't supposed to implement a political agenda. They're supposed to interpret the law.

The US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of rights is the highest law that binds and restricts governments. Those documents protect civil liberty by law. If any level of government violate those documents then the laws that government has made are illegal. The role of the courts is to protect the constitution and the charter of rights. Protecting civil liberty should not be partisan.

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