Friday, July 5, 2024

Nancy threw a drink at Rick Ross in Vancouver

Update: Rick Ross and the Vancouver Clowns Conclusion

DJ Akdemiks posted a video from Rick Ross claiming that Nancy didn't sucker punch him, she threw a drink at him which is confirmed by video footage. You can see it for yourself.
It was like a pop with a straw and lid. After she threw the drink Rick most certainly didn't go down. He rushed forward to get physical while Nancy retreated. After security separated Nancy and Rick Ross, Nancy and her collaborators' trailer park boys from Surrey filmed themselves jumping a couple of guys in Rick Ross's entourage left behind. The white trash POS was using the N word in a derogatory manner. Nancy's pal Damion Ryan is a clown in bed with the PoPo.

These are the same guys that hired and rolled on the Driftwood Crips and Zone 43. The Cub Pack hire brothers to kill brothers then rationalize betraying them with racism. That is really f*cked up. There's nothing noble or admirable about it. After he gets busted, Damion Ryan gives up drug dealers that work for him so he avoids jail time. Nobody admires that.

In all honesty I'm worried about Nancy. I think her Daddy issues has made her suicidal. She posted a video of her being held at gunpoint forced to dig her own grave then shot and killed. Nancy is not a bad person. She has some serious Daddy issues because her father was mentally deranged. He was a Satanist who claimed to be a Christian. You need some therapy to process that. I don't want to see Nancy get killed but I'm not going to promote her misguided music either.

I'm not going to promote Nancy's collaborator from Surrey's music either simply because it's not positive. Using God's name to promote crime and addiction is f*cked up. Ya'll need to repent. Jesus didn't say believe in me and commit crime. Jesus and Jean Baptiste both said repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. What you do is more important than what you say. Denying that isn't Christianity, it's a cult. Faith without works is dead. It's a lie. Wo unto the liar.

LA is finally getting their sh*t together but Vancouver and Toronto are losing it. Tupac left us with the Ghetto Gospel and y'all took the ball and ran in the wrong direction. You're still all about dollars, dollars, dollars and money in the club. What good is a diamond Rolex? You can't send or receive a text on a Rolex. It's just a showpiece like those stupid sneakers. It's vain. It's worshiping a graven image. It's idolatry. Basically you're throwing your life away for a bowl of soup. You need to find some self respect because you and everyone else you betray are worth more than that.
This is what I mean when I say Vancouver and Toronto have fallen behind the times. They're stuck in the /80's and haven't evolved. LA has moved forard but Vancouver and Toronto hasn't. When I first started this blog everyone wanted to be a gangsters. What's up G was common.

Then everyone saw all the greed, selfishness and betrayal in gang life and stopped admiring it. After that everyone wanted to be a soldier. What's up Soulja? Soldiers are admirable. Gangsters are not. Then came the oil wars and the mercenaries. They weren't noble. Now everyone wants to be a Patriot. That's noble so get with the times brother. You're lost in space.
Damion Ryan and the Cub Pack first f*cked over the First Nation guys in the DTES. The Edmonton Angels created Redd Alert, a First Nations gang that brought in some guys from Alberta to take back all the drug dealers in the DTES from the UN. That was a long time ago. After it was successful, the Wolf Pack were given the DTES and the Edmonton Angels got Surrey.

Glen Nelson didn't like that idea so they killed his wife. I was in the drum circle at her memorial in the middle of the intersection on East Broadway beside the Sky train station.
That's when the Edmonton Angels created BK - the Brothers Keepers to keep Redd Alert in line after they f*cked them over. BK were Indo Canadian. They respected Ali who was given a HA patch in Surrey. They basically worked for him. Since Ali did all the work, he wanted a cut. The Edmonton Angels said no way we gave up the DTES for Surrey so this money is ours and we won't share. Ali didn't like that arrangement so they killed him.

BK wouldn't do it so they brought in two guys from Edmonton - a white guy and a black guy they put a debt on. They told them if they killed Ali they would forgive their debt. They hired the white guy and the black guy to kill the brown guy who they betrayed after giving him a patch.

Some of the BK didn't like that because they respected Ali so the Edmonton Angels brought in some Somalians from Toronto to keep BK in line. They made Little Man a member of BK and let him have a BK tat. He was the connection between BK and the Driftwood Crips.

Then Damion Ryan and the Wolf Pack hired Naseem Mohammed aka Lil Man to kill Anees Mohamed aka Mo. Anees worked for Damion Ryana and was in charge of the drugs in the DTES. Damion Ryan hired Anees to kill him and tried to make look like a rival killed him when it wasn't a rival. Damion Ryan killed his own guy. Then he rolled on the guy he hired to kill Anees so he could get a free pass to sell drugs from the CFSEU.

After he rolled on the Driftwood Crips Redd Alert started to see what was really going on and there was a split within Redd Alert. Remember the Wolf Pack previously tried to bring in a group called RK the Redd Alert Killas pretending they worked for the UN when they really worked for the Cub Pack. When that lie was exposed that group quickly faded away.

So now we have a split within RA so Damion Ryan and the Cub Pack brought in Zone 43 from Montreal to keep the RA split under control. Only as soon as Damion Ryan gets busted again with new charges, he rolls on the guys in Zone 43 that were working for him and his high profile new charges mysteriously went away. This is why nobody here idolizes the gang life any more. We can all see it for what it really is: one big lie driven by selfishness and greed filled with betrayal.


  1. The drink came from Ross's hand. Maybe you should watch the video.

    1. I don't think the drink was in Ross' hand. However, when you look at the screen shot it's possible Nancy hit a drink someone was hold when he tried to sucker punch Ross. If you look at the trajectory of the spill it's going from Nancy towards Ross not the other way around.

      My point is that this whole thing was really stupid. This is school girl drama. It's a nobody desperately trying to be somebody. Those Surrey trash clowns are POS. It was a staged publicity stunt just like Lolo Lanski's GF did at the nail salon. It's the exact same stupidity. These guys need to grow up.


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