Sunday, July 7, 2024

France Election: Gabriel Attal resigns as Prime Minister

The National Post is reporting that "Surprise polling projections in France say a leftist coalition that came together to try to keep the far right from power has won the most parliamentary seats in runoff elections. There was high voter turnout. The projections are based on the actual vote count in select constituencies, and they put President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance in second and the far right in third. Final results are expected late Sunday or early Monday."

"No one has a majority of parliament seats. The prime minister says he will turn in his resignation. The far right has drastically increased the number of seats it holds in parliament but fell far short of expectations." WTF does that mean. They got more seats than the had before but resigned. It's a little bit hard to follow because France has a Prime minister as well as a President and it appears that their elections are held in rounds.

The fact that they got more seats but resigned I hard for me to understand. On top of that we have the obviously insanely misrepresented way the fake news portrays things. They keep using the term far right. Maybe they are far right but as far as they're concerned if you are left of centre but right of the Berlin Wall that makes you far right so what they say doesn't really mean anything.

The Guardian is reporting that "And now the final results have arrived with the leftwing NFP alliance on 182, Macron’s centrists on 163 and the far-right RN and its allies on 143: The results mean no bloc has an outright majority in parliament – 289 out of the 577 seats are needed for that​ Coalition talks will be needed – under the constitution no fresh elections can take place for another year." So the Maroon could team upon with either party and maintain government.

Since he's a Globalist he'll likely team up with the Communists.

The Globe and Mail is reporitng that "as French voters went to the polls Sunday in the second round of a parliamentary election ... President Emmanuel Macon’s centrist party lost dozens of seats to both the far-right National Rally (RN) and leftist New Popular Front (NFP)."

Just for the record the NFP isn't a single party it is a cluster of several parties so in a sense it's aleady a coalition. The Maroon could form a coalition with the RN like the NFP already has.

The National Rally could form a coalition with the Republicans and form a powerful opposition.

I don't see the New Popular Front for an old Communist state forming an coalition with the National Rally or the Republicans. So all three could team up and trample the New Communist State. Unless the Maroon forms a coalition wit the Communists, him forming a coalition with National Rally is the only logical conclusion. I'm sure the Republicans will bridge the gap.
Why the f*ck would Muslims vote for Communism? What aboput the Uyghur genocide? It also raises the question about mass migration to thwart elections. That appears to be a valid concern.

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