Saturday, June 24, 2023

Fort Nelson, Chilliwack and Creston schools apologize for sexual materials given to students, David Eby does not

Update: Surrey Creep Catchers catch David Eby. In a previous sting they caught Justin Trudeau.

Creston, B.C. elementary school students mistakenly given graphic sex-ed booklet

Speaking of David Eby supporting child grooming, Alaska Highway is reporting that "A school in Fort Nelson is apologizing to parents today after sexually explicit resources were recently handed out to students." Likewise the National Post is reporitng that " A Chilliwack, B.C., school has apologized for giving Grade 8 and 9 students inappropriate sex education material that described graphic sex acts and used sexual slang words."

The cards, which provide definitions of sexual terms from A to Z, angered some parents. A mother whose child attends C.H.A.N.C.E. told Global B.C. she was disgusted with the school’s carelessness in handing out material she considers to be pornography. 'This resource in particular is for gay, bi, queer men,' said Chris Thomas, spokesman for the AIDS Committee of Toronto. 'Generally, we use them in bars and bathhouses.'" Yet David Eby says if you protest abpout that you are hateful and reprehensible. Fire him.

Meanwhile back on the Ranch, CBC is reporting that "Education Minister Dustin Duncan has ordered his ministry to review documents pertaining to the adolescence curriculum, and plans to direct school boards to suspend any upcoming presentations with Planned Parenthood Regina." We can all see the polar opposite responses from David Eby and Dustin Duncan. What they are doing in elementary schools under SOGI is way worse than this. David Eby has lost his mind.

Chilliwack school Libraries promote incest


  1. All these School Districts have gone woke, its shocking. In my opinion, the NDP will not survive another term. David Eby is the next Glen Clark.

    1. The tide will certainly turn on David Eby.

    2. He’s only Premier by acclamation, but he’ll be gone on election. What a weak, weak advocate for the safety and security of our children. Seems he supports putting our Canadian children up for slaughter & sacrifice! Shame on NDP!


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