Sunday, June 18, 2023

Putin shows draft peace agreement with Ukraine

The fake news is obviously misrepresenting this but I'm surprised they are reporting on it at all. We had heard that African peace delegates met with Zelensky in the Ukraine to discuss a peace proposal. The fake news claimed the African delegates came under fire from Russian missels but the African delegates said that was a lie. Then the African Delegates met with Putin in Russia.

Putin shows them a signed peace treaty. The fake news then says the African delegates told Putin he must end the war. No one won the war. What concessions were made does not matter. We all want peace so let's promote peace. The CIA and the WEF are the only ones that don't want peace because they have an agenda that explots everyone. This includes the manufactured energy crisis and the preplanned spike in the price of gas that's driving inflation. I support peace and if this treaty does that, then it is a good thing. So is breaking the Saudi oil monopoly.

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