Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Cypress Mountain Coaster

I had the day off work because Canada Day falls on a Saturday so I rode out to Cypress and hiked up Sky chair. There are a few patches of snow but for the most part the trail is bare. Pretty green from the melting snow. I posted a video of the route up last time I was up at 21:24.
Grouse mountain has a ton of stuff going on in the summer but Cypress has started some new things lately as well. The Mountain Coaster ride is up and running again this summer.
You take the chairlift up and ride the mountain coaster down. It looks like a lot of fun. You have a stick shift that controls the brake. They have one at the Great Wall in China but it's more like a bobsled track. I'd like to see that one day. This is a video of the one on Cypress.
They also have a new Mexican restaurant and more patio space with giant umbrellas and a fire pit in addition to the Crazy Raven but the new Mexican restaurant is just open on weekends. The Crazy Raven was open today. That was the VIP lounge during the Olympics.

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