Wednesday, June 7, 2023

NYC Walkaway LGBT Town Hall Saturday, June 24th

Brandon Straka is reporting that "We need you in NYC on Saturday, June 24th!! Please come out and support us as we hold a Town Hall for the LGBT community to extricate our people from the clutches of this now radicalized base." Get tickets.

"We are TIRED of our community being manipulated and deceived by dark forces who are using our community to usher in child sexualization, radical gender ideology, so called 'diversity/equity/inclusion' culture in schools and workplace, indoctrination and grooming, and the rapid expansion of gender transition encouragement."

"Like many minority communities, including black and brown Americans, the LGBT community has been hijacked by Marxist extremists and radicalized leftists. We’ve had ENOUGH."

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  1. While I get that "it's finally gone too far" for them, quite frankly it was way too far 20 years ago for the rest of us with kids on the sidewalk having to see some dude wearing ass-less chaps etc. pretend-fellate his buddy on a float when the Pride parade happen to be passing by. They never had much problem with all us "breeders" (their nickname for us) being forced to deal with this stuff in public before, now they do because it's at whole new level and it brands them all as perverts by association.

    If people think these folks don't recruit......they were doing it years ago, nothing new, but just individuals doing what individuals do. The level of it is new. "Drag Queen Story Hour", the idea that I would expose my kids to that or let some freak even approach my child physically in public is ridiculous.


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