Friday, June 30, 2023

Canada Day is a holiday we need to keep

The fact that the circus freaks want to cancel Canada Day shows their mentally deranged dishonest agenda. Communists like to rewrite history and that is exactly what the circus freaks are now doing. We have every right to be proud of Canada and the ideals we aspire to just as the Americans do. One of my beefs with Putin is that he was sh*tting on the American Dream. America is bad, the West is bad bla bla bla. No it's not.

The American Dream is the same as the Russian Dream. It's the same as the Chinese Dream. It's the same as the Canadian Dream. We all share the same dream. We all want to see justice flow like a river and freedom like a mighty stream. We all want that. We just have different beliefs in how to get there. Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden are whack jobs. They are sowing seeds of disention by rewriting history with lies. Lest we forget.

Truth and reconciliation involves truth and reconciliation. It's not hateful division based on lies. The truth is, this whack job wrapped in saran wrap is a freak. He exposes himself to children. That makes him a pervert. Remember when the police would issue a public warning in the form of a Stranger Danger. They would let parents know if a sick pervert was exposing himself in front of children at the part. Well this scum bag is one of them. He exposed himself in front of children.
Not only that but he equated his brand of pedophilia with a sick and deranged rewrite of history. Now we can all clearly see where these hateful lies lead. These are the circus freaks that want to cancel Canada Day. Not on my watch. I don't care if they celebrate Canada Day or not but they have no right to prevent me or anyone else from celebrating Canada Day. J'imagine - I believe.

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