Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Vancouver Sun is Worthless

Update: Monday, June 5th at 4pm PST / 7pm EST Shawn Buckley, Lead Counsel for the NCI and former CBC journalist, Rodney Palmer will go live on the NIC website as they further discuss Rodney's firsthand accounts of his experiences navigating the inner workings of the industry, censorship and the current trajectory that mainstream media is going. Don't miss it.

Bill Gates Fake News Network linked to this ridiculous article in the Vancouver Sun today. The Twilight Zone headline reads " COVID-19 in B.C.: Monthly report shows dropping hospitalizations, but a spike in deaths."AYFKM? No really. AYFKM? That isn't just ridiculous, it is straight up Satanic. It is falsifying the news with a malicious intent. If Texas and Florida hadn't opened up they'd still have us locked down despite the fact that the pandemic is over.

Now that the evidence is in, let's review it. When viruses replicate themselves they get weaker not stronger. Omicron was weaker than the seasonal flu. The World Health Organization has declared the pandemic over. So now the Vancouver Sun bows to Bonnie Henry in the distribution of offensively fake news. That newspaper is now completely worthless.

Let's do the math. The Vancouver Sun used to be credible. So did the CBC. That has all dramatically changed. Tara Henley was one vocal confirmation of the CBC's credibility meltdown. Rodney Palmer is another. His testimony at the National Citizen's Inquiry went viral after it was Tweeted by US Democrat Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy. The Vancouver Sun has just once again proven it's not just the CBC. Post Media News bought the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province. They put Wayne Moriarty out to pasture and made Harold Munro the chief editor of both papers. After that, they became clones of each other. Reporters for the Sun now wrote for the Province and visa versa.

Post Media also bought the Surrey Leader and the Surrey Now. To save money they got rid of all the staff at the Surrey Leader and changed the name of the Surrey Now to the Surrey Now Leader. I kid you not. Post Media News has systematically destroyed the freedom of the Press in the newspaper industry and is hell bent on doing the same for televised news. After they acquired Global Television, that news source lost its credibility as well. Just ask Anita Krishna who also testified at the National Citizens Inquiry.

BTW they have National Citizen Inquiry gear for sale so you can help us remember what was said since the Vancouver Sun is so determined to make us forget all that evidence and all those facts. Evidence based research is what Post Media News has abolished.

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  1. Nice paint job. More truthful than the original. Got it for free and probably complaining about it too.


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