Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Olivia Chow is Toronto’s next mayor

As always, I'm going to look on the bright side. When I saw her picture after she was elected I thought she looked familiar. Then it dawned on me, that's Jack Layton's widow. She' pretty high profile. Jack Layton was well respected as was Thomas Mulcair.

True North initially reported that "Former NDP MP Olivia Chow is Toronto’s next mayor. In her second attempt to become mayor of Canada’s largest city, Chow beat a crowded slate of candidates, garnering 37.17% of the vote. Like her late husband and long-time federal NDP leader Jack Layton, Chow campaigned on a left-of-centre platform with proposals to address homelessness, affordable housing, and tenant protection. Her marquee campaign promise is a pledge to build 25,000 rent-controlled rental units on city-owned land within eight years, for which she’s earmarked an estimated $404 million."

OK two points to start. True North referred to her left of centre platform. That' pretty significant. Remember Tara Henley? Tara Henley said when she first started working for CBC she was a Liberal meaning she was left of centre. Now she is considered right wing. Her position didn't change, the CBC's position changed. The CBC is now Left of the Berlin Wall spinning for the WEF. So if Olivia Chow campaigned on a left of centre platform, I'd say that's a step forward.

Remember Thomas Mulcair? Dare I say he was left of centre? I don't know what he was but I know he was a good guy who believed in a balanced budget. So do I. Justin Trudeau does not. That's why runaway inflation is out of control. In 2015 Thomas Mulcair saw an Orange wave in Quebec. Jagmeet Singh lost all those gains as well as all the gains from Jack Layton.

That's because Jagmeet Singh is not left of cetnre. He's left of the Berlin Wall. Jagmeet didn't just attend a few WEF meetings, he was raised by them. He wears a turban but he's not a Sikh. He opposes all the principles the Sikh religion teach. Jagmeet rushed in for a photo op at the assignation of Surrey Temple President Hardeep Singh Nijjar. That was abominable. Jagmeet opposes all the moral positions of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

As soon as Oliva Chow was elected Jagmeet rushed in for the photo op. Remember she is left of centre. Jagmeet is not. He's just a dirty whore. If Olivia Chow became the leader of the Federal NDP, the party would be in much better shape than it is under Jagmeet. They won't allow that because they have an agenda tied to the WEF and Jagmeet supports that agenda.

My second point is this, the solution to the housing crisis in Canada is simple. We need to build more rental units. If Olivia Chow wants to build more rental units then that is a good thing. For everyone. I've talked about this before. Building more renal units is not a Communist plot to overthrow the free world. It's a good business modal to hedge the soaring cost of housing.

The City owns the land. There's nothing there. Build housing, charge rent, make money. That's good business. Private companies can do this too. City Hall can allot and approve building permits for rental housing. It's a win win for everyone.

In a subsequent article True North reported that "In an acceptance speech Monday night — peppered repeatedly with vows to deliver a safer, caring and more affordable Toronto." She used the word safe. That means she too is concerned with crime as are the rest of us. Defunding the police is not the answer. Violent crime doesn't stop itself.

Several years ago I met Penny Priddy at a Crime Prevention coalition in Surrey. She said she was there as a mother and when it comes to fighting crime, she was more right wing than her political opponents. If Olivia Chow is left of centre then she supports drug treatment not crime and addiction promotion. Harmful drugs are harmful. Harm Prevention means you tell adults and kids that drugs are bad for you and explain to them the harmful effects of drugs. That's prevention.

People with mental health issues should not be on crack or crystal meth. It will not help their mental illness it will make it worse. It will turn them into violent criminals. That means they will commit violent assaults, murder and rape. That's in no one's best interest. Preventing that is.

True North also stated that "Toronto’s last NDP mayor David Miller, a disaster as mayor, managed to increase spending by 43% and the net debt by 176% during his one term." That needs to be addressed or else Toronto will turn into another Liberal sh*t hole like Portland Oregon.


  1. Toronto Ontario… Canada‘s largest 15 minute city planning will move along almost unhindered now

    1. Yeah the original concept behind the 15 minute city was fine. Build things better. Then when the WEF embraced it it became an excuse for lock downs and modern slavery. I just did a survey for the City of Surrey and they are thinking about the 15 minute city as well. That is mentally deranged.


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