Sunday, June 11, 2023

Another fuel tax continues to drive inflation out of orbit

Justin Trudeau's State run media is reporting that "In just three weeks, new federal regulations will begin slapping surcharges on the most polluting fuels in a bid to rein in transportation emissions. The federal Conservatives and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation have taken to calling them carbon tax 2.0 or the second carbon tax. Premiers in Atlantic Canada are urging Ottawa to postpone or reverse them." This isn't just stupid, this is evil.

Let's connect the dots and review how this manufactured emergency was created. Once again this has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the environment any more than banning fertilizer does. Planting trees is green. Plants and trees need fertilizer to grow.

The WEF helped Joe Biden bomb the Nordstream Pipeline. Replacing Germany's industrial coal plants with Natural gas would be a huge improvement for the planet. Industrial coal is the largest source of CO2 emissions their is. Killing domestic production supported the Saudi monopoly and increased transportation emissions.

Not only that it drove the price of fuel sky high which in turn created a forest fire of inflation because everything we buy in stores gets transported there by truck. These Satanic Communists don't care about the environment. They care about their Agenda. They want to increase their wealth by turning consumers into slaves and they are well on their way to accomplish that.


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    1. This is the same clown that would post ridiculous lies about me on the Dirty every week. He said I had been charged with sexual interference of a minor and you can see the charge on the CSO. I knew it was him because my other trolls weren't stupid enough to tell people how to find out he was lying. There are no such charges on the CSO. As soon as people looked it up they found out he was lying.

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      Donnie McWhirter was convicted of selling crystal meth for the Hells Angels. Instead of doing his time he went into the Witness Protection Program lying about rivals. Now he's in bed with Jamie Bacon trashing the club. When he got out of witness protection his last girlfriend died suddenly. This is exactly what I mean by a damned soul in hell. Blaze is already there. He has to hide in the shadows and make up ridiculous lies because everyone knows the truth.

      In the words of Williams Shakespeare, "There is no terror in your threats for I am armed so strong in honesty that they pass by me as the idle wind which I respect not."


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