Friday, June 9, 2023

Flaxen cords: Don't get Dragged into slavery.

Today I want to talk about a damned soul in hell. When I was in high school a friend shared with me something he had read. He knew I was into Zen and said a Zen master was asked his position on hell and said if a heaven and hell exist, I would choose hell, to share in the suffering of the damned. That statement moved me. I reflected on it and embraced it. That became my mission statement. I wrote several parables that explained my position at the time.

Then my understanding of heaven and hell evolved and I began to see it in a different light. I don't believe hell is a place where God spanks us for eternity and says I told ya so. I think the suffering we experience in hell is metaphorical. It's very real but it's something we bring on ourselves.

I think the suffering we experience is regret but it's also seeing and experiencing the pain we caused others. The thought of Hitler experiencing all the pain he caused in the holocaust when this life is over is indeed frightening. Canadian harpist Loreena McKennitt wrote a song called Dante's prayer. It was quite moving. She said she wrote it while reading the book Dante's Inferno as she traveled by train across Siberia and processed all the suffering she witnessed on her trip. It's a powerful song that moved me to write Finian's Inferno. It caused me to journalize some of the suffering I saw in my own personal journey through hell.

The pain and suffering I saw in the DTES was indeed hell on earth. It was exploitation and misery. Wickedness never was happiness. The way Donnie McWhirter obsessively trolls my blog exhibits the characteristics of a damned soul in hell. It's like the saying, I'd tell you to go to hell but I think you're already there. That's Donnie McWhirter. He knows the day will come when his lies and false allegations will run out and everyone will know the truth. At that day he will be forced to bow out and depart into the shadows hiding from the truth everyone else can see.

Trailrunner and the dirty a*s spooks in the CIA will be forced to see and experience the pain and suffering all thier obsessive lies has caused in the name of the greater good. Everyone will know it was not for the greater good. Their intent was a lie just like everything else they said was.

It's a wild world so it is. So today I want to talk about flaxen cords and the chains that bind us.

In my conversation with Robert Wallace from Gays Against Groomers last night we talked about two aspects of grooming. The first was the sexualization of children and groomig them for pedophelia. The second was coaching them to transition and grooming them to transition. Now let's look at the end game and see how we are groomed or seduced to go there.

Transgenderism is not new. The Kinks came out with the song Lola in 1970. In the /80's when I was with the Guardian Angels, Vancouver had an open sex trade. Along West Georgia it was high end like Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman. Now it's just drug addicted nasty but it wasn't like that back then. Off of West Georgoia was Trannie Alley. Those sex trade workers were transvestites.They had fake woman's breasts and men's genitalia. Some people were into that.

Now there seems to be a peer pressure push for men to get bottom surgery. They claim you're not really transgender if you don't get bottom surgery but they're not transgender, they're a transvestite. Think about what happens when a man gets bottom surgery. He can no longer have an orgasm or experience sexual pleasure ever again. Is that something you really want to do?

That's a situation any adult is going to regret. If you push that on children you're not creating a generation of transgender kids you're creating a generation of eunuchs. Which of course fits in with the World Economic Forum's depopulation agenda but it goes much further than that. It goes along with Satan's quest to make everyone miserable. If he can convince you to cut off your genitals through peer pressure, you will never have sexual pleasure ever again. The lies about the fake science will not change that. It creates a situation of irreversible regret.

So let's talk about the house of Hex and how Satan loves transgenderism. If Satan loved transvestites, he'd want them to have sexual pleasure not prevent them from having sexual pleasure ever again. Satan doesn't want you to be happy. He's a liar. He wants to trick you into making bad decisions that will make you miserable. Satan doesn't want you to be free. He wants to trick you into making bad decisions that will give up your freedom and turn you into a slave.

That's where the flaxen cords come in. It's kind of like the boiling frog syndrome. People aren't normally going to line up to put chains on that will enslave them. That's why Satan uses flaxen cords so to speak. A flaxen cord is a soft seemingly harmless vice that feels painless. Once we wrap a flaxen cord around our neck or our wrist and ankles, it feels painless so he wraps another one around as well. Soon the cord becomes too strong and we can't break it's grip. That's when the flaxen cords drag us into slavery. Satan does not love transvestites. He wants them to become miserable slaves like everyone else. Buyer Beware. Don't get Dragged into slavery.


  1. Good read, knocked it outta the park!!

    1. Thanks. I think that's one thing everyone is missing. If a man cuts off his gentiles, he can no longer have an orgasm or experience sexual pleasure. Encouraging kids to do that is not in their best interest.


  3. I watched your video, thank you.
    I am so very proud of those LBG group who are stepping up & educating people that this transmania & sexual exploiting of our children has NEVER been on their agenda as LBG community and I believe it is very vital that they take that position for the integrity of their group and adding support to the rest of us fighting this cult.
    Thank you GAG…. We too stand with you.

    1. Blaire White is transgender but believes kids shouldn't get surgery until they are 19. That kind of makes sense. You're not allowed to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or vote in elections until your 19 but you're allowed to castrate yourself at age 12? That doesn't make sense.

    2. Then there's the Grooming. When my kids were in elementary school band teachers came in and showed them various musical instruments. That planted an interest in music so they both tried it out. That was a good thing.

      It would appear that the intent of Drag Queens reading stories to young kids while their teachers claim there's no such thing as gender, is to encourage the kids to start cross dressing and then get surgery. What adults do is their business but trying to influence kids like this is clearly Grooming.

  4. There's quite a few things kids will try if they find out about them too soon and are inadequately parented, educated, and supervised. "Dangerous information and no guidance makes Jack a dangerous boy". They are taking advantage of this dynamic.

    1. They're grooming them without their parents consent. Remember when you used to have to get a permission slip signed for a field trip? They should need permission slips for this kind of grooming.


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