Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Horrors of Nuclear War

Nuclear war is a horrible thing. I don't want to see anyone in North Korea or South Korea get nuked. I don't want to see anyone anywhere get nuked. I believe in the principles of the US Constitution. That doesn't mean America is always right. The world is full of good and evil. The US Constitution is a good document. That means evil people are actively trying to destroy it and destroy America. Donald Trump met with Kim Jong Un in North Korea. That was a good thing.

That doesn't mean we support North Korea's political system. It simply means the war is over and we need to move forward. Although I believe the US Constitution is good, the CIA is not. In fact they are enemies of the US Constitution. Lying is their method of operation. The CIA wants to provoke conflict with North Korea because they have an agenda. I do not. I suport peace.

I don't support peace at any price but I do support diplomacy. When Dennis Rodman went to North Korea I thought what on earth is he doing? Now I understand. He's trying to build a bridge.

There are two conflicting philosophies on how to deal with North Korea. The CIA wants a regime change. I do not. The CIA wants to starve them out through crippling sanctions so they can introduce their own puppet government. I do not. I believe that different countries have a right to the political system they choose. I never supported the Helms Burton law and that doesn't mean I support Communism in Cuba. It means I aspire to something higher.

Sanctions on North Korea are making the people in North Korea suffer. It's time we lift the sanctions. If I was allowed to buy something that was made in North Korea that would raise the standard of living for the people in North Korea. That's what I care about. I don't care if they have a different political system than I do. When we talk about war mongering, I think Hillary Clinton and the CIA are the biggest warmongers on the planet. Their obsession with war isn't to support freedom. It's to support their wealth and their control. We can do better than that.

I'm not saying we should sell North Korea nuclear reactors because I don't think we should. Nuclear reactors give a country the technology and the materials to make nuclear weapons which we should not support. We should help North Korea build a hydroelectric dam instead. The same with Iran. We shouldn't sell them nuclear reactors but we should lift sanctions and buy their oil. That would break the Saudi monopoly, increase supply and lower prices. That would help.


  1. The horrors of depleted uranium..
    Gulf War Syndrome.

  2. 70,000 people in Hiroshima felt nothing. Briefly.


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