Sunday, June 18, 2023

CIA lies about blowing up the Nord Stream Pipeline

The Deep Fake News is reporting that "Reports Say CIA Warned Ukraine Not To Sabotage Nord Stream Pipeline Prior To Blasts." F*ck off you lying POS. The CIA blew up the pipleine. Zelenski didn't have the technological capability of doing it without them. The CIA's lies are ridiculous.

If Germany replaces it's industrial coal with natural gas that would be a huge improvement for the environment. Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not. Fake environmentalism sucks.


  1. Yeah, Hannity used to wear a CIA pin on his jacket. He still has a job at Faux News, Tucker does not.

    The ones who believe in something that turns out to be a lie take longer to see the truth than those who never did, for the simple reason that they have to retrace their steps further than the rest.

    1. Yeah Fox News has gone to sh*t but Tucker Carlson lives on Twitter.

  2. The WEF and fake news certainly could have been successful had the internet not been so accessible to so many. Perhaps they hadn’t planned on this but they’re actively trying to limit what content we should be “allowed” to access. They surely don’t want the truth leaking out.LMAO


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