Friday, June 9, 2023

All-ages drag show held on Parliament Hill

True North is reporting that "Liberal cabinet ministers attended an all-ages drag show on Parliament Hill this week. Women and gender equality and youth minister Marci Ien shared pictures of the drag event Thursday." On Twitter Marci Ien said "Drag is a vibrant and diverse form of art, it's about expressing yourself and pushing boundaries."

Ah yes, EXPOSING young children to that kind of art certainly is pushing boundries so it is. My conversation with Robert Wallace from Gays Against Groomers last night was very enlightening.


  1. It’s outright bizarre how grooming children, promoting pedophilia and the WEF, communist and financial and political elites are connected. Is this some type of crazy distraction while another more productive scheme is taking place? Surely only a small percentage would be deranged enough to be attracted to minors. WTF?

    1. I think it's a process of normalizing the abnormal, removing healthy boundaries and removing morality until the elites opress everyone and the consumers become slaves.

    2. Exactly so. "Drag it all down and destroy it so we can be in charge". The problem is, some of these "stakeholder" groups are going to find out that they were just the "useful idiots" when it comes time for power to be consolidated. "That's nice, here's your train ticket". It's the same in every "revolution".

  2. I'll say it's Rated PG-13.
    That being said...
    A live performance would be in breach of something on those grounds.

  3. I would like to see the origin of finances that facilitated this “govt” entertainment. And ALL those trans-lovin MP’s should be stripped of their parental rights because they are teaching children to hate and discriminate against those who are NOT trans-cult! Lets remove parental rights from these bigoted MP’s because accordingly they violate the human rights act by demonstrating abuse to children with their HATE speech.

  4. So, will any of our MP's be "transitioning"? You know what they say about leadership.


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