Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pedophiles and the public's right to know

Well this is kind of a strange one. Marco Balducci, a child sex offender in Langley, serves four months after pleading guilty to sexually victimizing two girls aged 10 and 11 between 2006 and 2007. He's released and returns to live in the same home on the same street as one of his victims.

The neighbours fight back and put up posters that say Convicted Pedophile living in Murryville with the guy's photo on it while the guy's mother in law tears every poster down in a bizarre campaign to hide and support pedophilia.

So which is worse, the person who sexually victimizes young children or the person who hides and covers it up? In my opinion the offender is worse but the person trying to cover it up comes in a close second and the person who sells GBH comes in a close third.

The case reminds me of the Balcony Rapist. I remember attending a public rally in Newton where Surrey's Mayor Diane Watts attended and spoke complaining about a convicted rapist living in their community. They publicised the guy's picture to warn the public. He had committed multiple armed rapes in Ontario and the police there were found criminally negligent in not issuing a warning to the public after his release and he reoffended in Ontario.

Committing armed rape is a pretty horrible thing. However, Mom Boucher did the same thing so what does that make him? A candidate for not only Hells Angels membership but leadership. Sad indeed.

Yet Marco's case has a strange twist because from what we know, he was a sick flasher who exposed himself and invited the 10 and 11 year old girls to touch him in his home when the girls were at a sleep over in his home visiting his daughter. As freaky weird as it was, it doesn't appear that he raped the girls. It gets weirder yet when it appears that one of the mothers found out about the event when her daughter had been text messaging the guy blackmailing him over it threatening to expose him if he didn't buy her alcohol. Strange indeed.

My point in this sad drama is that the public has a right to know if a sexual offender is in their neighbourhood. Raping little girls aged 10 and 11 is really sick as is trying to lure them in to consensual sex at that age.

When a friend or family member goes on a campaign to cover that offense up, then they too are to some extent guilty of the exploitation of children. Now let's take a look at the bad press the Roman Catholic Church is taking as well as the Pope himself over not only committing but covering up pedophilia.

We all know that when a priest sodomizes a young boy, that is an abomination. We all know that covering up that crime in any way allowing that person to reoffend is also an abomination. However, I'd just like to point out one thing.

The Anglican church in England seems to be exploiting the opportunity. First the leader of the Anglican church in Ireland claims the Roman Catholic Church has lost all credibility there. When first reading the quote it sounds like he refers to the church as in all churches but the media report seems to specifically single out the RC church.

Then England posts a petition on their web site and consults lawyers as to whether or not they can criminally charge the Pope as an accessory on his planned visit to England and Scotland. Without rationalizing the abominable nature of the offence I might add that it is somewhat hypocritical of the Anglican church in England to exploit the scandal when their own church was created by a murderer when a monarchy took over the church and started it's own church.

Israel has historically stoned, imprisoned and murdered prophets for confronting and chastising their Kings for wrongful conduct. Yet never in that history did a King in Israel take over the church and start his own church. That was a British first.

King Henry was a murderer. He got tired of beheading his wives that he couldn't get along with and decided to start his own church that would allow divorce. Hardly an inspired revelation. After that event, the Church of England as it was called then not only persecuted Catholics in Ireland and murdered priests there, they also persecuted other Protestant churches there who were not church of England.

My point is, priests sodomizing young boys is horrific but the Church of England has no place to judge and needs to take the board out of their own eye before they take the board out of anyone elses'.

Just as the Anglican leaders are exploiting the opportunity, so too will the secular. They will say, see, churches are bad. Yet that too is false. A similar case was made public that involved a hockey coach who was pardoned. Just because a hockey coach molested young boys does that mean we should ban hockey or conclude that hockey is bad? Of course not. Minimizing and rationalizing the crime isn't the answer either.

The same thing with scout leaders. The fact is, pedophiles are attracted to working with youth because of their predisposition. As a result we need to be vigilant in screening and monitoring people who work with children. The scouting movement is a great thing. Banning scouts or calling it evil because some who have been attracted to it are doesn't make sense.

Now back to GBH. Selling date rape drug is also just plain dirty. It was pathetic when that Hells Angels associate cried in court when he was sentenced to prison for selling it. The Hells Angels supporter who claimed GBH has other uses than date rape is a liar and an idiot. If any drug has a therapeutic use that is not the reason it is sold on the black market.

People buy GBH to put it in someone's drink and commit rape. Period. That rape could be at a college fraternity party, it could be used at a club or it could be used against young children. When someone buys date rape drug there is no promise they are not going to use it on minors. The purpose of the drug is to use it on someone to commit rape. Period.

Selling GBH is just as bad as pedophilia or covering pedophilia up so they can reoffend. It is in essence profiting from rape. Someone who reports someone selling GBH to the police is not a rat. Someone who doesn't is. How would you like it if that drug was used on your daughter, sister or on your mother? Have a little self respect and stop selling GBH.


  1. you're very misinformed regarding GHB (not 'gbh'...)

    Although not advocating it in any way, it has a huge recreational market today (for instance it sees a lot of use at raves / 'afterhours' clubs) and gets a lot of bad media attention since people choose to misuse it as a date rape drug.

    I say misuse because frankly it's GOING to be produced, and available to those who are looking, but people using it themselves in a responsible way is completely different from slipping it to others.

    also it has a strong salty taste .

    the real date rape drug to worry about is alcohol

  2. And you’re full of shit. Date rape drug is sold to commit rape. Since the Hells Angels have been caught selling the largest amounts of this drug in Canada, it is clear the Hells Angels are a deviant criminal organization not a motorcycle club.


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