Thursday, April 29, 2010

Geoff Meisner from Kelowna is still missing

Speaking of MMA, Geoff Meisner from Kelowna is still missing. He was last seen in November 2009. Listening to his daughters disappointment Christmas morning is heart breaking.

There's a video clip of his debut fight in MMA. He's a very big guy and lost the fight but he seems to have had a very big heart. I don't know what he was involved in or what he knew but there are two remote items of interest.

The Hells Angels tried to recruit Joe Bralic for MMA and he ended up dead in a bud for blow deal gone bad in LA. The Hells Angels have recently expanded to Kelowna where East Van Hells Angel David Giles was acquitted of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. Yet 8 kilos of cocaine were seized and two of Giles associates were convicted.

The Hells Angels are a criminal organization and wherever they are, bad things happen. If you recognize Geoff and know anything about his disappearance, call crimestoppers: 1 800 222-8487 or text a tip to: CRIMES (274637) Ktown + Tip.

OK here's the latest. Police say drugs were involved. If drugs were involved how can the Hells Angels not be since they are the biggest drug dealers in the area?


So who is Richard Goldammer? Kelowna has become the Hells Angels proceeds of crime retirement capital:


  1. Geoff allegdly ripped a 200 lb mj load and tried to make it look like he got jacked. He was allegedly last seen with his "stripper girlfriend" from the local club in town that RCMP didn't know about and a Patch guy with the last name that starts with "Gold" she is scared to death. His body was dumped in a nearby lake by someone that owns a bayliner boat.

  2. Has the body been found? Gold who? I don’t know Geoff and the stripper part might be a bit of a stretch but I have heard it said he had money but no real job. So if he was selling pot, I assume it was for the HAs since you claim he was seen with a patch member. He still had a wonderful family and his daughter misses her father.

  3. Interesting RoyalCanadian, I'm sure you've given up all this info to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police? I'm pretty sure they would know who your talking about. as so do you, yes?

  4. Geoff sold steroids. The person who killed him has killed before and will undoubtedly kill again. I believe that person is currently residing in Lake Country. You can thank the Albertan Judicial system for this stain on society not currently being behind bars.

  5. So who is Richard Goldammer anyways?

  6. A better question would be how is he related to Richard Neumeyer and the $500,000 USD, plus $10,000 CDN that was hidden in secret compartments in his SUV?

  7. has the biggest bayliner boat in kelowna

  8. Interesting. And who was Revell charged with again? Why wouldn't that be Davie Drool?

  9. How does the story go.Dave you send people to stun gun Geoff cause your a bitch.Scared cause Geoff would of smashed the shit out of you.But yeah you pay to have him done.And when he is dead you will take boat to drop him in the lake.Fuck your really fucking cool.Somebody should tazer you.Dump you in the lake.He had three kids.How would your kids feel if daddy went missing and not found.Fuck you are very cruel those pour kids


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