Saturday, April 24, 2010

LAPD Names Anton as a Person of interest

Well I'm sure the Anton hater is jumping for joy over this news. Turns out the LAPD have named the now famous Anton Hooites-Meursing as a person of interest in the murder of Joe Bralic in LA back in 2001. The police say he isn't a suspect in the actual murder but he is a person of interest because he appears to be the one who hooked up Bralic with his drug connections in LA.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the story, Joe Bralic was a local bodybuilder who made a deal to trade some B.C. Bud for cocaine in LA but the deal went sour and he ended up dead. Anton is a person of interest because he seemingly put Bralic in touch with the guys he was supposed to make the cocaine trade with.

Anton's involvement is nothing new so I'm not sure why it's new news. Perhaps since Anton has made headlines recently as being Person X and is cooperating with police in the Surrey Six Murder trial.

Another obvious fact is two other persons of interest in that case. Two other criminals Bralic befriended who actually went to LA with him were Garry Favell and Derrick Madinski. Bralic's body was dumped in an alley around 1:00 PM on a Thursday. That same morning Favell and Madinski had checked out of the same hotel into one down the street. They must have known something was up. They came back to Bralic's hotel around 3:00 PM and asked the maid for the key to his room so they could check on their "friend" who was not answering the door. Yet they left LA and returned to Canada without him and without filing a missing person report. With friends like those, who needs enemies.

Yes the Hells Angels do appear to be involved since they tried to recruit Bralic for MMA and attended his funeral. Yet I doubt they were the ones who had him killed. It looks more like the two Kelowna boys who were brutally murdered buying drugs for the Hells Angels in Mexico.

The LAPD should be grilling Garry Favell and Derrick Madinski. They know what happened and were a lot more directly involved than Anton. I'm sure Bralics old girlfriend who came down with them and spent some time with Joe in Vegas before he was killed knows something too. It sure would be nice to get the real story as to who killed Joe Bralic.

Turns out that Kim Bolan also ran an insightful article today about Anton's Epiphany.

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