Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Kash Heed Scandal

The Kash Heed scandal isn't much of a scandal. It's just another bogus stereotype. Seemingly Kash Heed's campaign office handed out flyer's during the last election claiming the NDP are soft on crime implying that he wouldn't be.

Any politician has the right to run on an anti crime platform. We wish more would. What happens is they do but it ends up to be more empty promises. Last federal election the liberals sent out a flyer claiming that Stephen Harper was wrong on crime. Quite a scam since the federal liberals are the ones that screwed up our judicial system in the first place. They're even the ones who appointed Peter Leask to the wrong side of the bench.

The flyer claimed that the NDP are soft on crime which is another generally accepted misconception. It's like how the republicans in the States always say the democrats will ruin the economy when history has told us otherwise. Under George Bush Senior the U.S. economy fell considerably. Under Clinton it rose while under GB Jr. it completely crashed and is improving under Obama. Surely it's all coincidental but it destroys the false stereotype.

Likewise it is a common stereotype that the conservatives are hard on crime while the NDP are soft on crime which is not necessarily the case. I saw Carol James at more crime prevention rallies in Surrey than I saw Gordon drunk driver Campbell. I saw Penny Priddy at quite a few as well. Bruce Ralston and Mike Farnworth were pioneers in addressing gang violence.

The "scandal" involving the election flyer is old news. I remember hearing during the election how one candidate accused the NDP candidate of wanting to legalize marijuana as well as other drugs like heroine and cocaine. I remember hearing how the NDP candidate at the time objected so the flyer is old news and not part of the scandal. That was the Green party who talked about legalizing drugs.

The scandal has something to do with allegations about fundraising. Someone on Kim Bolan's blog claimed Kash Heed had biker friends. It would be very interesting to see if any of them contributed to his campaign because over all Gordon Campbell's liberals in B.C. have been complete limp fish when it comes to crime and addressing gang violence.

I remember speaking with Dave Hayer at a anti gang rally in Surrey and saying how we need to get rid of Campbell and the liberals because they were limp fish on crime. I was surprised to hear him rationalize for Campbell and the liberals. Then I finally realized he was liberal. My bad. I do respect him nonetheless. He is a good man and trustworthy. Unlike the leader of his party.

I'll wait to see how the Kash Heed "scandal" unfolds but will do so with contempt and cynicism regarding all the Desperate Housewives Drama. Speaking of which, what ever happened to Gordon Wilson? I liked him.

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