Thursday, April 29, 2010

INSLAW and the Hells Angels

Since I'm on a roll, I'll take one more step which many will claim into obscurity but I will do it simply because I can. The INSLAW Affair had to do with the CIA selling software to it's friends and allies which was a Trojan horse and let the CIA spy on them which in itself is nothing surprising or earth shattering.

Part of the affair involves the accusation that the Reagan administration delayed the release of the Iranian hostages until after the election which is nothing surprising or earth shattering either.

In steps Jimmy Hughes. Hughes is a paid, born again minister who boasts of being a reformed hit man. He has been arrested for a murder back in 1981 and has plead not guilty. Interesting that a born again paid minister will boast of being a reformed hit man yet refuse to reveal who he murdered when he was a hit man.

Nevertheless, the new charges relate to a triple murder on the Cabazon Indian Reservation called the Octopus murders where Ralph Boger, Fred Alvarez and his girl friend Patty were murdered. One report claims that the murder was simply to overturn a tribal vote against bingo which really doesn't make sense. The band already had a casino. Bingo is hardly that serious of an affair.

The term Octopus comes from reporter Danny Casolaro. He was working on a story about a complicated web of organized crime whose tentacles reached as far as the CIA and the US government. Thus he referred to the far reaching organized crime ring as the Octopus. However, like Gary Web, Danny Casolaro also was found dead of a suspicious suicide.

Turns out Ralph Boger was a Hells Angel. Turns out the Cabazon Indian Band were doing a lot more than playing bingo. Yet secret military testing is nothing surprising or earth shattering either. The connection to the Contras is interesting as is the connection to foreign governments.

The three people accused of hiring Jimmy Hugues to kill Ralph, Fred and Patty are John Philip Nichols, John Paul Nichols, and Glen Heggstad. Glen Heggstad was also a Hells Angel.

While Nichols and Heggstad are listed as co-conspirators on the complaint for Hughes, neither has been arrested nor charged. Heggstad is another martial artist with Hells Angels connections.

The whole Octopus saga is somewhat complicated yet we can clearly see three things emerge from it. Organized crime has been trying to take over gambling on Indian reserves in the United States. The US Military and the CIA have been involved with secret weapons testing on the Cabazon reservation but those secrets go far beyond that of weapons testing. We can also see the underlying presence of the Hells Angels.

The Cabazon reservation had ties to secret military testing which was also tied to the Contras at the same time Oliver North was involved with the Iran Contra affair and the same time the CIA has been accused of trafficking crack cocaine for the contras.

Someone from the Hells Angels wanted to expose something and someone else from the Hells Angels didn't want him to do it. Neither did the CIA.

Which kinda makes ya wonder why Richard Barszczewski was given a promotion instead of being fired after he scuttled the chances of convicting anyone when a boat loaded with 2 1/2 tons of Hells Angels cocaine was seized just outside of Canada.


  1. Real interesting to follow all the links to your story about the rail-gun testing, Octopus, INSLAW, and the CIA.

    FYI, I just read Bob Gates has cancelled all rail-gun money, that project is finished for good.

    Its all good stuff, but I did study history for years @ UBC, there I found only "primary sources" are acceptable for honest research.

    All of your sources, Agent K, just go to Youtube, and un-heard of TV local stations somewhere in the USA. They do have some documentation, but one can't see much of it or peruse any of it by PDF.

    I am sure you're bringing us something that's very important, and we readers can only be glad you've gone to all that trouble to ferret it out. It's just, like, in the future, folks do like to see links that are as authoritative as can be possible.

    Thank You.

  2. I don’t think the weapons testing on the Cabazon Reservation was relevant to the murders any more than the bingo was. The only thing the weapons testing established was the involvement of the US military during Oliver North’s tenure. You’re quite right that just because something’s posted on the Internet doesn’t make it true. Someone makes an allegation and everyone else quotes the allegation without providing any supporting documentation.

    Three people I personally find very credible are Gary Webb, Michael Riconosciuto and Al Martin. We know three people were murdered because they were going to make some information public. Two of the three murdered were involved with the Hells Angels. We know a Hells Angel member was accused of hiring the hitman who committed the murder.

    The drugs for arms business seems to be a reoccurring theme that even concerned Judge Bonner when he worked for the DEA. The depth and scope of the investment fraud I consistently find shocking. Hearing about the Americans giving their allies Trojan horse software that let them spy on their allies I found to be hardly surprising or newsworthy.


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